3 Minute African Web Series Debuts With Winnie Mandela Biography

On the 25th of May, 2017  a group of young creative minds known as unthinQ released their first episode of a new web series titled African Dynasties on their Youtube channel and also via their Facebook page. The web series is set to do 13 episodes of biographies of African icons and they decided to begin with South Africa’s Winnie Mandela.

The web series lasts 3 minutes per episode and the creator of the show Michael “Mcpotar” Mupotaringa said, “We keep it short so that kids do not get bored by length and can consume valuable information without spending too much on data bundles.”

The show is also presented in cartoon format so as to appeal to the younger generation who are the bearers of the future of Africa as old people hand down positions or pass on.

The shows motive is to create a consciousness on the luminaries who helped Africa become more independent. Unthinq believes by equipping young ones with knowledge on where the are coming from they will be armed better in fighting the battles that Africa is still facing and be able to plan where they are going.

The unthinQ team members cuurently are, Monalisa K Chishato, Ellen A. Mubwanda, Tanyaradzwa Masaire, Brrian Mandimika, Arlington T. Mawarire and Michael Mupotaringa.

It is a fairly new virtual @D Animation Studio which is working on many projects but focusing on African Dynasties before spreading it’s wings.

Watch African Dynasties here.