Nkosana Moyo dismisses coalition as he launches new party

Mlondolozi Ndlovu

Former cabinet Minister Nkosana Moyo has launched a new party Alliance for People’s Agenda (APA) in Harare dismissing calls for a coalition of opposition political parties to dislodge 93 year old Mugabe in next year’s general elections.

Barely a year after a former Vice President in Mugabe’s government chucked out of Zanu PF for insubordination Joice Mujuru launched her new party ZIMPF, another former Minister in the nonegerian’s government has decided to take Mugabe head on.

Moyo who resigned as Minister of Industry Mugabe’s government in 2001 said the time was not ripe for Zimbabweans to choose the best candidate to dislodge Africa’s oldest President.

While acknowledging the role played by other opposition political parties Moyo said uniting for the purposes of removing Mugabe would not work as opposition political parties were only after giving each other positions.

“This coalition thing which the opposition parties have engaged into is not going to work. I do not work that we mix water and oil and come up with some usable resource but a total waste of resources.

“This is the same with this coalition thing, it’s not going to work and will never because people who are joining that are of different minds,” said Moyo.

Journalists present at the launch of the Mberengwa born politician’s new party questioned whether this decision would not lead to a split of the opposition vote but Moyo said they a lot of new potential voters that would prefer a new alternative.

“As you also might expect I am not going to dump this question (on splitting the votes). This question is informed by the lack of analysis of what is going on. Zimbabwean who vote are much less than those who are not persuaded.  The majority of those Zimbabwean who have found the available options not attractive will stay away,” he said.

As the country gathers momentum for the 2018 elections a number of political parties are jostling for positions, with the country currently having over 40 political parties.

Next year is expected to be Mugabe’s last elections since the constitution won’t allow him to contest in 2023.