Malawi: Young Venezuela woman arrested for attempting to traffic drugs

Blantyre –  A woman from the South American country of Venezuela was today arrested by Malawian police for attempting to smuggle narcotics through the country whistleblower Gerald Chavez Kampanikiza has revealed exclusively.

According to information, informants alerted Malawian authorities of the existence of a drug mule on an Ethiopian Airways flight, which jetted in from Nairobi, Kenya to Lilongwe, Malawi, before attempting to refuel in Blantyre.

The entire Facebook post reads

A young Venezualana girl who trafficks Cocaine has been arrested by Police at Chileka International Airport at around 14:40 hrs on Monday when police confiscated her luggage containing dangerous drug cocaine disguised in brush like materials for polish shoes in Blantyre.

The girl born on 26 July,1993 (aged 24) has been identified as ANDREINA DEL VALLE MENDEZ TORRES from Venezuela .

The lady was arrested upon arrival from Venezuela where she stays on Ethiopian Airlines and was using passport number 066578765.

Following a tip from well-wishers about the suspect to be a drug trafficker,Police Officers were alet.All passengers from ET disembacked and she remained in the Aircraft.Police was suspicious after seeing passengers starting boarding the aircraft.This time they made a follow up and found her .

Attempts to communicate to her failed as she could not understand nor speak English she only speaks espanyol. Her bags were collected and thoroughly searched ,the drug was found concealed in 10 bundles and each bundle contained 25 brush like materials making a total of 250 brushes to beat the Police Security.

After breaking one brush looking like material,Cocaine powder was found concealed inside .

The matter is under microscope as the suspect can not speak any Language apart from Venezuelan .

Andreina Del Valle will face charges of Illegal Importation of Dangerous Drugs,an offence under Section 11 (a) as read with Regulation 19 of Dangerous Drug Act.

The suspect is in Police custody pending a court appearance and Airport Police Branch and Chileka International.Airport Police in paticular is thanking well-wishers who tipped us and at the same time sending a warning message to General public that a long arm of the justice will catch them if tries to use the facility in importing or exporting anything dangerous.

The suspect will be taken to Court soon after investigations

The young Venezuela national sits crying after arrest
The young Venezuela national sits crying after arrest
The package which contained drugs
The package which contained drugs