Nobody has the title deeds to opposition votes

By Shingirai Nyahwa

The modish ingress of Nkosana Moyo in to the race for the president has led many dacoits to compare this to the famous 2008 presidential run by Simba Makoni were the later  gained a significant percentage of the vote after only campaigning for only 3 weeks which some still up to today still believe that it was a Zanu PF project to split the opposition vote.

The year 2008 is a year which no one really wants to remember for numerous diverse reasons which resonate from the economic conditions which were prevalent at that time in the same vain it is still pivotal for us to have reflections on our past experiences as a nation.

The opposition claims that Nkosana’s   race is going to split the opposition vote as if they are entitled to a certain section of the voting population.  Opposition political entities seem to have this delusion that they  possess title deeds to the opposition  vote which is totally vague for institutions which try to masquerade as beacons of democracy yet they are hypocritically not what they purport to be . In this regard no one owns the opposition vote hence any Zimbabwean has entitlement to run for political office.

The idea of having one opposition coalition going into the elections is unpractical and extremely undemocratic; these political parties are eliminating the epicenter of the whole equation which is the voter. I seriously doubt that even few to none members of the long list of opposition political parties in our country are being even consulted as to even if they want to be in a coalition.

As such accusing a fellow competitor of trying to split your vote as if you own one is tantamount to hypocrisy we can even point to the high levels of voter apathy in our country probably this is the constituency which the likes of Nkosana Moyo are targeting and they might not need the opposition at all.

Forcing a voter to vote for a compromise candidate created by the coalition is nothing less to an insult to the voting population of Zimbabwe hence the idea of an opposition coalition is the worst thing that will happen to Zimbabwe since the 2013 elections.

Instead of accusing each other of trying to split the vote and pretending to form a coalition the opposition political parties must now start to strategize means and methods of getting votes.

The most important avenue which they need to look in to is the youth constituency , in Zimbabwe youths constitute over 61 % of the  voting  population yet the majority of them do not participate in politics due  to a plethora of factors especially lack of inclusion  in decision making , even in the coalition talks  the youths are rarely  consulted.

Now is the time for the grand coalition opposition political parties to  stop being crybabies and wake up from their dogmatic slumber and accept that they do not have entitlement to any opposition vote hence they should start to work to gain support of the people .

Shingirai Nyahwa is a political analyst follow him on Twitter @SNyahwa