Grace Mugabe in another violent rampage, beats up 3 girls in South Africa

By Maynard Manyowa

Zimbabwe’s first lady, Grace Mugabe who has recently hogged the news for assaulting journalists in Singapore, and airport staff in Malaysia has been caught up in another assault saga; this time, in South Africa.

Grace’s penchant for brawling seems to be inspiring her to go on an all out rampage, leaving a trail of broken victims.

According to information received by this publication, Grace Mugabe assaulted three young women in an upmarket hotel room in Johannesburg.

10 of her bodyguards and aides assisted her in restraining the girls, while Grace beat them up with electric cables, and used a utility plug to burst open the face of one of the ladies.

One of the women suffered a nasty gash to her head, and two on the back of her head.

One of the victims took to twitter to show the nasty gash on her forehead, an injury she received during the assault by Mrs. Mugabe

The women had been invited to the hotel to spend sometime with Mugabe’s sons, Bellamine and Robert Jnr. Two hotel rooms were subsequently booked.

Several other girls were also invited. While the the other trio of ladies were in a hotel room, one of the Mugabe’s aides entered facility and ordered the girls to proceed into the hotel room and remain quiet.

According to sources, Grace Mugabe then entered with 10 aides, and unleashed her orgy of violence.

Her youngest son Chatunga reportedly fled the scene.