Anne Nhira vs Zodwa: Grace Mugabe fingered in South African artist ban

The first lady of the Republic of Zimbabwe, Dr Grace Mugabe has been fingered in a sensational and deliberate plot to ban South African artists Zodwa wa Bantu from performing in the country Khuluma Afrika has learnt.

Struggling actress and Zanu PF sympathiser Anne Nhira ‘wrote a letter’ to the acting Minister of Tourism, Hon Patrick Zhuwao, asking for Zodwa to be banned from performing at the much hyped international carnival set to take place in Zimbabwe.

However, a lot of issues have raised stink, pointing to a large plot behind the scenes. While Anne Nhira passes off the issues she raised as some form of initiative to help local artists, her personal relationship with the acting Minister, as well as sources who claim a letter was never delivered at all, have raised further eyebrows.

Anne Nhira, and another fellow actress, Tatenda Mavetere, with whom she starred with in the once popular soapie Studio 263 are very close personal friends of Minister Zhuwao.

Since 2015, Zhuwao has installed the two in various capacities within the Ministry of Youth. They both were installed in provincial structures for the youth council, while Mavetere was even installed in a parallel structure termed ‘Youth Steering Committee’.

In 2015, a scandal was muted, after it was discovered that Nhira had signed off and withdrawn monies on behalf of Mashonaland East Province Youth Structures.

According to sources within the Ministry, Nhira never wrote a letter, but was only used as an outlet.

“There was no letter. Zhuwao took instructions from the first lady to ban Zodwa as a sign of revenge because she is still upset about how South Africa responded when she assaulted that lady.” the source stated.

“Truth of the matter is the Mugabe’s felt that SA did not treat them with royal gloves as they deserved, and even attempted to charge Amai. So she told her nephew Zhuwao to get the job done. This is just about revenge” he added.

This version seemed to be corrobrated by Zimbabwe Tourism Authority boss Karikoga Kaseke, who stated that Nhira was being used by “unknown assailants”.

Phone records from the source also seemed to point out to a deliberate plot and ploy which likely involves the first lady. Communication sent in a WhatsApp group confirmed that Nhira would stand to benefit fame from the venture, and a handsome reward from the first lady.

Dr Mugabe stirred a diplomatic storm when she attacked a South African model, and then gave police a run around while waiting for her husband the President to arrive in the country and hide behind diplomatic immunity.

She is well known for her vindictive nature, public and private flogging of opponents and a hot temper.