Running scared? Mugabe ups security, smuggles thugs, ahead of Midlands date

Harare – Zimbabwe’s nonagenarian President Robert Mugabe this afternoon summarily summoned Ministers in charge of national security to express personal security concerns ahead of tomorrow’s youth interface rally in Gweru.

At the meeting, Mugabe is said to have requested special security details, and increased security ahead of the rally.

At the same time, Mugabe’s wife, through sympathetic leaders within the youth league requested that pro-G40 youths be smuggled to Midlands province to act as a retaliatory defense resort should any aggression be shown against the first family.

Khuluma Afrika has learnt that Mugabe, who in recent months attacked security service chiefs was advised that there could ‘chaos or violence’ which could compromise his security in Midlands tomorrow.

Consequently he requested greater security details, while his wife set-up a a second option.

Analysts have dismissed the move as “pure paranoia” from Mugabe.

“The truth of the matter is that there is no violence planned for Midlands. Actually Mugabe used this request to take advantage and send increased security to Midlands, while sending rowdy youthies (sic) at the same time to provoke chaos” a Zanu PF strategist who refused to be named stated.

Another added that Mugabe was attempting to cause chaos but protect himself from it, then accusse Mnangagwa of attempting to humiliate him in his home province.

“Look, Bob wants violence tomorrow. He wants 3,000 people in Midlands and they will be a violence. He will be protected by his Lebanese trained assassins, but will blame ED for this then use this to try and fire him.”

Mugabe is no stranger to this technique. He accused his previous long serving deputy Joice Mujuru of attempting to kill him, before having her dismissed on the same grounds.

Midlands is the home province of one of Mugabe’s most loyal lieutenant, Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa.

Midlands province also ranks as the most peaceful province in the country. At the height of political violence in the aftermath of disputed polls in 2008, Human Rights Watch did not document a single incident of politically motivated murder, rape, or abduction.

Mnangagwa, commonly called the ‘Croc / Ngwena’ is a reformist and the top dog in the Midlands province. In recent weeks he has been subject to repeated attacks from Mugabe’s wife, her friends in the ruling Zanu PF party, and narrowly escaped an assassination attempt.

Mnangagwa’s opposition to the death penalty, corporal punishment, and his elimination of violence has put him at odds with Mugabe, who feels his deputy is cosy with the West.

Mnangagwa, considered a front runner, has massive support from the military in Zanu PF. Mugabe instead wants his wife to take over.

Midlands Zanu PF spokesperson Conerliuos Mupereri confirmed the facts.

“We are aware that there are malcontents from other provinces who have been sponsored to cause confusion and disorder at our youth interface rally. Security in our province is on high alert . Those rogue elements will be easily identified and dealt with. We are a very disciplined Province and we do not condone indiscipline.” he stated.

Khuluma Afrika correspondents saw at least 5 busses full of Zanu PF clad individuals heading towards Gweru. The buses used were taken from high schools around Harare and other parts of Mashonaland.

Mugabe travelled to Gweru today, and is expected to address a huge contingent of Zanu PF supporters tomorrow.