Midlands sets blue print for future Mugabe youth interface rallies

Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa and wife Auxiilia

A rally organized and hosted by Zanu PF’s Midlands province last week has been hailed as a blue print to emulate by top part strategists, and faction leaders in Zimbabwe’s ruling party Khuluma Afrika can reveal.

The youth interface rally held in Midlands Province topped attendance records in comparison with all other provinces that had hosted the country’s nonagenarian leader so far.

Bar that, for the first time since the country’s President began his nationwide rallies, the rally remained full to capacity until the President left the arena.

In rallies held elsewhere, several supporters were pictured leaving the arena while Mugabe was still speaking. In all instances, supporters appeared extremely demotivated and bored.

Poor logistics, even poorer mobilization techniques, and lack of experience have been mentioned as the chief reasons the previous rallies, believed to have been organized by G40 aligned members, failed.

“The challenge with G40 guys is they do not know how to mobilise. They bus people then leave them stranded. They do not go to the ground. People do not get food, or even ice cream, and in the end it creates a problem”, a strategist from the party’s information department stated.

In the aftermath of the Midlands rally held in Gweru however, several young Zanu PF members, and provincial heads have agreed to start using the midlands structure as a blueprint.

“We have to make sure that the President is not embarrassed like he was in the other provinces. In Mash Central (sic), we have agreed that we will copy what Midlands did”

“As we speak, Minister Kasukuwere has donated 15,000 liters and we will go to every district. We will transport people and give them adequate fuel to come and return. Noone will be stranded like what happened. We will do it like Midlands.”

“We will also make people sit according to districts so that they can familiarise well and find it easier to dance and cheer for the President”, a member of the organizing committee said.

According to the same source, members of the G40 faction had expected the Midlands rally to fail, but they left with their tail between their legs.

“Midlands really schooled people. Elections are not easy. Remember Jonathan Moyo only won elections when MDC gave him a ticket. Kasukuwere engineered a loss for Zanu PF after he alienated war vets in Norton. They had not learnt their lessons at all. They even thought Hamandishe could do the rallies alone. But Midlands showed the class.”