Morgan Tsvangirai: Yesterday’s man cannot lead a forward thinking coalition

File Pic: Former Prime Minister of Zimbabwe, and MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai

Hubert Sithole

Zimbabwe is trapped in a deep donga, with a very unforgiving cannibal, ZANU PF. A party that has mercilessly pulled Zimbabwe down from riches to rags. It pains. It pains because even the international community has given up on us . Maybe they have seen that the Zimbabwean issue can only be best solved internally or perhaps, they just don’t care about us.

There is, in politics, especially in African politics, a Rara avis called “Preponderance of the incumbency”. Lightly put, this means that it is difficult to win elections over an incumbent President because they have control over state institutions. Well, this is a case we have in Zimbabwe. A case we have had since 1980. OK, today am not going to dwell much on this. I want to talk about solutions we have at the present, that can help us at least to take back what Mugabe and his minions robbed from us.

I want to talk about the coalition. Come….

The coalition phenomenon gained growing traction in Africa in the past two decades and Tsvangirai, seeing in 2000, the SOPI Alliance in Senegal winning and ending forty years of one party dominance,N.A.R.C in Kenya in 2002, taking power from a party that ruled since 1963. Seeing coalitions succeeding in Liberia, Madagascar, Malawi, Mali, Mauritius, Nigeria and The Gambia, he developed an interest. An Interest to selfishly have one and manipulate it to grab power. It’s nauseating.

Firstly, Morgan is a dictator. Ask Biti, Khupe, Ncube and even Madhuku. He is now a Mugabe in miniature. The violence, the clinging on on power. The dictatorial tendencies. His health etcetera. He is a shadow of Mugabe now.

See, He has managed, just like Mugabe, to create a semi deity out of his miserable self and presented it to the gullible MDC supporters. They accepted him. As a demi god and started to chant the matra “Tsvangirai chete chete” Smh. Like really now? This is how low we have sunk? Tsvangirai chete chete? Why? Why not Chamisa? Why not Khupe? You mean Tsvangirai is the only one with potential to lead the MDC?

MDC has been turned into a circus club by Tsvangirai. We have seen more and more splits in MDC than anywhere else.

It’s appalling but true, that Morgan claims to be the democratic savior to the ZANU PF ‘s illegitimate, inhumane or rather evil authoritarianism. He loves to play the Big brother of opposition politics. Hehehe! He doesn’t realize that he has lost his mojo. Not at all.

Afrobarometer’ s survey if 2017 claims that MDC has been loosing ground since 2013. The survey states that the man is trusted by just 32% of the population compared to the 65% who trust the President. I totally agree with them. The man is just a failure. He rose from being an “Opposition leader” to being a powerless Prime Minister and came crumbling back again to being an “Opposition leader”. Smh. But hey, we ar the stuck with this guy. He is not all evil. Come…

Tsvangirai is a veteran opposition leader, with a very good track record of mobilising supporters (Friday, September the second in Bulawayo proved otherwise though) but we can’t take that from him. He has chosen, Atleast in principle, to join Hands with the same capable individuals he damaged through his denunciations in an effort to preserve himself….well, that’s politics. He wants to team up with them. To constitutionally remove Mugabe and ZANU PF, so he says.

This coalition idea, initially, sounded very nascent to me. But certainly not now. Not after I have not seen a single positive thing coming out of it. The coalition’s silence is too loud.

Now, ZANU PF is already in election mode, shoring up support and turning the screws on vocal opponents by doling out urban land. Yes, the party is riven in factionalism but boy oh boy, these guys know how to hustle for votes.

They are everywhere whilst the “Coalition” is home, sleeping. What do you expect… the leader is a former Prime Minister who went into a government of national unity to make reforms and came out having done nothing.

Having said this, always remember that as night follows day, this is the full glare of Zimbabweans-A ruling party that is rotten to the core with corruption and bad governance and a novel coalition peacefully and stupidly sleeping inside a coffin. This is Zimbabwe, my home.

  • Khuluma Afrika