We are not in America: President slams Kasukuwere over G40 genesis

Bindura – Zimbabwe’s President, Robert Mugabe on Saturday chided the country’s Minister of Local Government, Saviour Kasukuwere for the genesis and work of the Generation 40 faction (G40).

Speaking at a youth interface rally held in Bindura, the President narrated how G40 was founded based on an American idea by former President of the United States of America, Barrack Obama.

The President said that the idea that leaders around 40 years of age had been borrowed from Obama, who was around that age when he became an influential leader.

But Mugabe chided Kasukuwere, who was revealed by the President as the brains behind the movement.

Mugabe stated that Zimbabwe was not America, and therefore could not adopt American standards.

The G40 faction in Zanu PF has long been linked with the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) in the United States, because of another G40 heavyweight, Minister of Higher Education, Jonathan Moyo.

Moyo was exposed by whistleblower website WikiLeaks in the mid 2000s for having been in contact with the American government through the agencies.

According to diplomatic cables leaked by WikiLeaks, Moyo acted as an advisor of sorts to the Americans, often giving them insights about the political dispensation in the country.

In the same breadth, Mugabe urged chiefs to preserve culture in the country. The statement was likely directed at Kasukuwere and the G40 faction, who have long been criticized for publicly insulting Vice President Mnangagwa, who is their senior and older than them.

For years Mugabe has insisted that Zimbabweans should value the Shona culture of respect.

Mugabe’s wife had violently defended Kasukuwere when she spoke, but Mugabe seemed to be less than impressed with him.

  • Khuluma Afrika