MDC Activist nominated for top MISA post

Harare – MDC-T activist Rutendo Mawere has been nominated to lead the Media and Institute of Southern Africa (MISA- Zimbabwe).

Mawere who was employed in the ex- Prime Minister’s office Morgan Tsvangirai during the tenure of the inclusive government from 2009-2013 as the MDC-T’s top aide is contesting to be the Vice Chairperson of the regional media lobby group.  

The journalist cum politician who is always ejected from state functions for her known MDC-T links is contesting against bona-fide journalists Godwin Mangudya.

But members who spoke to this publication were furious that a known activist now masquerading as a journalist is seeking a position in the Southern region’s local chapter of the lobby group.

A senior outgoing MISA board member who preferred anonymity said that it was not only scandalous but also a travesty of justice for Mawere a known MDC-T activist who once worked in the Prime Minister’s office to lead journalists.

“Our membership is currently at odds with the decision to allow a party activist to contest before the MISA Vice Chairperson position. Everyone knows that this lady is more of an activist than a journalist,” said the board member.

Another MISA member who is based in Gweru said Rutendo was well known in the party’s Mkoba structures where she has been a card-carrying member since 2008 and has since then not revoked her membership.

Tendai Matika a Harare based journalist confirmed that the staunch MDC-T supporter had at often times clashed with Zanu PF officials and ministers alike at public functions as they viewed her with disdain because of her political links.

“It is disappointing that a known politician is jostling for power among journalist when she has at often times been ejected at public functions,” he said.

Her move to contest in this election is likely to antagonise MISA- Zimbabwe’s reform agenda as it will be difficult for her to negotiate with government officials as per the organisation’s mandate.


She is also likely to taint the organisation’s image which for the past 20 years has remained credible in its bid to bring media reform.

MISA will hold its elective congress at a local Harare hotel where over 200 of its members are expected to choose positions for the Chairperson, Vice Chairperson and committee members positions.

Golden Maunganidze and Dumisani Muleya will lock horns for the Chairperson position whilst veteran journalist Godwin Mangudya, little known Lennox Mhlanga and disgraced activist Mawere will be up for the Vice Chairperson position.

Maggie Mdzumara is automatically the Treasurer as she is uncontested whilst favourite Garikai Chaunza, clueless Pamenus Tuso and Ruth Butaumocho will contest for the 2 positions of the committee members.