Grace Mugabe aims one final gun at Mnangagwa in congress final push

Harare –  Zimbabwe’s first lady, Grace Mugabe and a faction loyal to her have gone for the jugular; aiming their biggest gun and possibly the kitchen sink at Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa by pushing for an extra-ordinary congress in December.

Despite intense brawling over the last few months, which escalated in the last few days, it was largely believed that Mugabe would keep his party united, at least until the 2018 elections are concluded.

In the past Mugabe has chosen to avoid dealing with internal conflict close to elections, choosing instead to unite and win polls, then deal with internal matters. In 2013, he presented a united front, papering over cracks with Joice Mujuru, before firing her the following year.

It would later be revealed that Mugabe had long decided to fire Mujuru, as early as 2010, but chose to utilise her ‘until after’ elections.

But it seems those assumptions were misplaced. According to impeccable sources, Zanu PF will hold an extra ordinary elective congress in December, the kind that saw Joice Mujuru ousted in 2014.

At the event, a successor for Mugabe will be named, while Grace Mugabe will be elevated to the position of Vice President.

Mugabe earlier this year urged that the country’s constitution be amended to allow a female candidate to join the executive.

The move to call for congress is seen as the ultimate final push by members of Grace’s faction, who will likely seek to have Mnangagwa demoted at the event.