Dear Grace Mugabe, stop dreaming about becoming President

Grace Mugabe speaks at Zanu PF’s rally in Bindura
Grace Mugabe speaks at Zanu PF’s rally in Bindura

Perseverance Ndebele

Zimbabwe once a jewel of Africa, bread basket at independence is now an empty case that is difficult for all living in it.

It is difficult for those born in it now to believe it was ever better than this.

There could be a thousand reasons the Zanu PF government can explain the collapse of the economy and the country but the bottom line is failure by the ruling government.

Failure to defend the people, the nation on the face of whatever enemy, real or perceived.

Often we are told sanctions imposed by western powers are the cause. This on the other hand is not convincing as it could have been an opportunity for our own government, had to develop our economy as the Ian Smith regime did when sanctioned.

I dare say corruption coupled with incompetence and mismanagement have had the greatest impact on our miserable economic,social and political state we are in as a country.

The president Robert Mugabe, is responsible for this state suffering except himself and his family, friends and associates.

I often wonder why he is not ashamed of only succeeding in destroying when he was expected to build to prosperity.

To add salt to the wound, he now seems to push his wife Grace to take over from him. She already acts as if she is president, probably she is in charge deciding on who should be appointed to what position and when.

After 37/38 years of ruining, failure and total collapse, President Mugabe wants his wife to continue.

If left to rule it might be a political turmoil and lead to a more impoverished Zimbabwe.

Mugabe and his wife should recognise they’re other citizens willing to step and rebuild what they have destroyed.

There is no way we as Zimbabweans should allow Grace to be our president that will bring more disaster.

Grace should be content to give good care to her husband who needs her to do just that.

Ironically they do not seem to know what they need instead they’re time on the presidency after Mugabe.

With the behaviour Grace has exhibited from the time she harassed Joyce Mujuru out of office, to her current with vice president Mnangagwa.

It is horrifying to think what type of a president she would be in the unlikely event she does become one.

How would she suddenly expect us to uphold the law, and the constitution. She would have no moral authority to enforce the law and constitution.

I conclude with my sincere advice:”Grace get the idea of being president out of your head”.