Zim VP ‘will not down without a fight’

Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa and wife Auxiilia

Embattled Vice Emmerson Mnangagwa is unlikely to go sown without a fight amid revelations that his loyalists are planning to make their last stand at an extraordinary congress to be convened by Zanu-PF in December.

The Daily News can report that the bastions of support for Mnangagwa- the Midnight and Masvingo provinces – have broken ranks with the rest of the political provinces that are pushing for amendments to the Zanu-PF constitution in order to effectorder far-reaching changes in the top echelons of the party at the special congress.

Already, Harare and Manicaland provinces have specifically called for amendments to the ruling party’s charter to accommodate a woman vice president, a move that has found resonance in six other provinces.

Zanu-PF’s constitution currently provides for two vice presidents.

Unmoved by the pressure being brought to bear on them by their rivals in G40, who are baying for Mnangagwa’s blood, the vice president’s allies are mulling putting up a brave fight at Congress, although they are unlikely to win it given that they are outnumbered.