Mujuru launches own coalition, at own residence

A new opposition coalition has been launched in Harare this Friday. The coalition to be known as the People’s Rainbow Coalition was  launched in Borrowdale at Mai Joice Mujuru’s residence.  The new coalition will be led by Mai Mujuru and will contest the 2018 harmonized elections.

The parties that make up the coalition are the NPP led by Mai Mujuru, Lucia Matibenga’s People’s Democratic Party, Zimbabwe United for Democracy (ZUNDE) of Justice Banjamin Paradza and Democratic Assembly for Restoration and Empowerment (DARE)  led by Gilbert Dzikiti. It is dubbed the “people’s coalition by the coalition”.

According to sources Dumiso Dabengwa’s ZAPU did not sign the coalition, but expected to do so at a later date Dabengwa was expected to land the post of chairperson, while Matibenga’s PDP will also get an influential position on the table.

“The train has taken off, but will make a stop at any station for those who want to board it and we believe Zapu will and other progressive parties will also board it before its arrival at the state house in 2018,” sources at the launch said.

This brings to three the alliances that have been formed by the opposition parties as the country gears for the 2018 elections. Other coalitions are The MDC Alliance being led by Morgan Tsvangirai and Elton Mangoma’s CODE which was launched yesterday.

The PDP was represented by the “interim president” Lucia Matibenga and “Secretary General” Gordon Moyo. The absence of Biti has all but confirmed the splitting of the PDP as Biti is negotiating with the MDC Alliance and he was expelled from the party and in turn Biti also announced “suspensions” against what he called “rebels” who are being led by Matibenga and Moyo.

The formation of the third coalition brings question to the sincerity of the opposition parties to form a formidable opposition coalition to contest a rejuvenated ZANU PF whose number one enemy seem to be the economy.