The madness must stop

    By Reason Wafawarova

    We were told during the haunting of Joice Mujuru, “How can I aspire to be a Vice President when I am already married to the President?”

    After this she infamously said the VPs were her juniors and they consulted with her at policy level. Now she badly wants to climb down and become a Deputy to her husband by this December.

    Fair enough. She does not come across as a good wife, so perhaps she can reduce the damage to her husband’s reputation and legacy by doing her astounding foolishness in the name of her own individual politician.

    Apart from J.M Nkomo and E.D Mnangagwa no one has really behaved above nonsense in that VP position. Joseph Msika was no pushover, but he was kind of too old for battles when he took over from the revered Father Zimbabwe. But occasionally he flexed his old muscles in the Politburo.

    She says Mnangagwa must be charged with factionalism, and at the same time she says there is no such thing as G40 in ZANU-PF.

    This means Mnangagwa and his Lacoste outfit are the only faction within ZANU-PF, and that makes ZANU-PF a one faction party. Right? But she obviously has no brain bigger than a pea, and such nonsense is expected from people blessed with her spectacularly low IQ. Its amazing to watch stupidity dressed so expensively!

    She argues her husband has a right to declare her the next President of Zimbabwe just because Mnangagwa’s wife contested and won un-opposed the ZANU-PF primary elections in a constituency formerly represented by her husband.

    Bottom line is Mnangagwa never appointed Auxialia to take over the Constituency after him. She campaigned and was elected un-opposed, going on to win the inter-party election resoundingly. How on earth does someone appoint an MP when the appointed has to win a general election?

    Auxilia did not organise rallies with villagers and half-wits so she can declare herself wife of the outgoing MP, or now Deputy President. She campaigned at grassroots and she contested and won the national election. Period.

    Drawing parallels between Auxilia and the First Lady’s presidential ambitions does not even rise to the level of nonsense. But hardly anything from the lipsticked lips of the First Lady makes it to the level of nonsense anyway. The whole nation cringes whenever she is holding the microphone.

    And who scripted for her the word “precedence”? Jonathan?
    She loves it!

    Now she is openly campaigning for a dynasty. She has no option. I understand her. She has no brains of her own, not even an iota. The only brains she can use to rule Zimbabwe are those of her husband, and she is obviously of intellect low enough to convince herself that even the dead brains of her husband would do the trick to trudge her along. No explanation can convince her otherwise. Let her be.

    There is a reason why I always say I hate stupid people. They can end up messing a whole community like the threat before Zimbabwe right now.

    When Magoche challenged for presidency years back VaMugabe said, “Munhu ngaatange azviera asati auya pamberi pevanhu achiti anoda kuita president.”

    Now he is faced with a dramatically unmeasured lunatic wife demanding to be appointed the President of this Great Nation. I hope he remembers his own advice.

    ZANU-PF has disintegrated into a laughing stock not because of its apparent failures to defend the country’s economic and social interests, but because the party has been hijacked by perfect fools dressed in clownish apparel bearing the face of our iconic President. I never knew that Zimbabwe had enough of perfect idiots to fill stadiums.

    After all has been said and done, there will be no dynasty in Zimbabwe, ZANU-PF will no longer be allowed to send its lunatics to urinate over the faces of the people of Zimbabwe, and the future of Zimbabwe is no longer going to be beholden to the non-binding and ever changing constitution of ZANU-PF.

    Before I pen off I want you to note the Tweeter silence from Jonathan Moyo. I told him his Dieselman project would backfire, did I not?

    But this is matter for another day.

    I thank you.


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