Mugabes warned against gambling with provincial support

Harare – Former Zanu PF Youth leader for Harare province Godwin Gomwe has warned that President Robert Mugabe and his wife Grace’s hostility towards key provinces could lead to heavy electoral defeat in the upcoming elections in 2018.

Gomwe was speaking in response to the President who appeared to lambast Masvingo and Midlands provinces, calling them idiots.

Speaking in a hostile environment in Matebeleland Province this Saturday, Mugabe was visibly irate after his wife was jeered, and accused rivals in his party of paying people to jeer his wife because ‘she speaks truth from her heart’.

Mugabe then encouraged his under fire deputy to leave the party and form his own party, and lambasted the people in the two provinces mentioned, who have reportedly declared their unwavering support for Mnangagwa.

Mugabe appeared to dismiss the two provinces, telling the to basically go hang.

But Gomwe warned against such an approach, stating that it would be disastrous.

“It is all well to tell provinces to go hang if you have unchallenged and undisputed support. But this isn’t the case with the President, and certainly not with Zanu PF at the moment.” he said.

“Masvingo and Midlands have a combined population of over 3 million. Mugabe already has negligible support in Harare, and never wins in Matebeleland provinces. That is a population of 6,6 million voters if one goes by the last census reports. That is more than half the country which would outrightly shun Mugabe and Zanu PF.” he added.

“To lose the support of 5 out of 10 provinces going into congress and an election to turn a pistol on one’s own manhood and pull the trigger. And its not even that its 5 out of 10. Mashonaland Central is Joice Mujuru’s backyard.”

“Mash East is populated by Ndau speakers, and has generally been hostile towards Mugabe. It would only leave him with Mash West as the sure province that backs him.”

Gomwe warned that in his stubbornness and insistence, Mugabe risked losing either his position as party leader, or breaking the party then losing the election.

“It is a lose lose. If Mugabe plays around with the provinces in this way he could be booted at congress. If he forces their hands he will go into the election as party leader, but lose it cause there will be no structures to moblise and vote.”