Military blocks Mugabe from firing Mnangagwa, for now…

    Zimbabwe’s all too powerful military blocked Emmerson Mnangagwa’s ouster today after an explosive meeting the country’s President, Robert Mugabe, but the former may not be out of danger yet, amid indications Mugabe may fire him via a media statement later tonight.

    Khuluma Afrika can categorically confirm that top army officials, ranging from the commander, brigadier generals and major generals told Mugabe to drop his intentions of firing Mnangagwa.

    On Saturday, Mugabe half threatened and half promised to fire Mnangagwa at a rally held in Bulawayo.

    “Ndinomudonhedza uyu, mangwana chaiye (I will drop him, tomorrow)”, a visibly irritated Mugabe said.

    Early this morning, provincial leaders were told to call for Mnangagwa’s expulsion by 13:00 to allow Mugabe to swiftly dismiss his deputy.

    However, top military leaders, and security service chiefs who hold security briefings with Mugabe every Monday at his blue roof Borrowdale Brooke residence rejected the plan.

    Mnangagwa, as one of the top security personnel for Mugabe attends these meetings every Monday.

    A source within the President’s office earlier told Khuluma correspondents that Mnangagwa had attended the meeting held in the morning, while dispelling rumours that Mnangagwa would be fired at 14:00, via a press conference.

    Khuluma Afrika has now learnt that the security briefing was abandoned after the service chiefs boycotted it in protest to Mnangagwa’s ouster, and instead decided to strategise among themselves to save the embattled VP.

    “They did not attend. Mugabe had barred ED from attending the meeting cause he wanted to fire him. So the military guys said we are not having security briefing today, we want to agree that you will not fire ED. They told Mugabe to follow due process and ask the party to investigate ED before firing him.” our source stated.

    Mugabe was upset, and told them that politics leads the gun.

    Mugabe has over the last few months battled with the potential involvement of the military should he choose to fire Mnangagwa. His wife has complained at 6 consecutive rallies, that she is repeatedly threatened.

    On the other hand, Mugabe’s runner boys, Ministers Moyo, Kasukuwere, and Zhuwao have all taken turns to insult the military leaders and call them to order.

    Analysts have however contended that Mugabe may still proceed to fire ED, despite the fact that the military has come out guns blazing.

    “Mugabe broke ranks with the military. The military did not support the last cabinet reshuffle, but Mugabe did it anyway, leading to huge hostility. In any case, Mugabe himself knows he does not have time. It is now or never. He needs his wife as the VP and the next President ASAP. The longer he drags the better for ED.” said any analyst who declined to be named.

    Should he decide to, Mugabe will likely fire Mnangagwa using a media statement, in the same way he reshuffled his cabinet.

    As reported earlier by Khuluma Afrika, whilst journalists were turned away from state house, national broadcaster reporters were allowed into the premises, giving speculation that they would get a private statement about the firing of Mnangagwa.


    Simon Khaya Moyo has convened a press conference at Munhumutapa Building in Harare. This is where the President’s head office is. It is likely that Mnangagwa maybe fired, or suspended there, or another significant announcement.

    UPDATE: Emmerson Mnangagwa has now been fired. Read here. 

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