Mnangagwa, Mugabe, Grace & the sack: This is what we know so far

In the world of fast paced news, social media citizen reports, WhatsApp groups, and the bulging grapevine, it can be difficult if not impossible to get accurate information, and verify it, before it blows over.

After the twin assaults on Mnangagwa by Grace Mugabe, the threats by President Mugabe, the calls for Mnangagwa’s ouster from at least two provinces and the Youth League’s presser, it is clear that Mnangagwa is under attack.

There is so much confusion at the moment. But we are going to try and just see if we can analyse it.

So, this is what we know so far.

– A very well placed source has told us that the Mugabe family, both Robert and Grace do not want Mnangagwa as Vice President. While they were willing to boot him out at congress, the resistance they have met at grassroots level within the party have made them uncomfortable.

– Because of that, they feel Mnangagwa could challenge Mugabe at congress to lead the party, and there is a fear he would win, and Mugabe would be chucked out of the party. For that reason, the Mugabe’s now want Mnangagwa fired as soon as possible and by whatever means necessary.

– There is / was no 14:00 press conference today.

– However, it appears some reporters from ZBC-TV were allowed in. Meaning that some form of interview or press recording is under way.

– One source says there is a chance of a recorded statement being played at 20:00 during Newshour on ZBC-TV.

– The contents of that are however unknown.

– Emmerson Mnagagagwa has not been told that he has been fired.

– Another source says ED attended the security briefing at Mugabe’s house, together with Chiwenga, and other members of JOC.

As co-Editor, Maynard Manyowa stated earlier, it feels as if we have been here before.

“This feels exactly like the time we went to Randburg Magistates Court, while two other correspondents went to Wyneburg Magistrates court, while another two went to the department of International Relations in Pretoria.Only for Grace to pull a shibobo outta Benoni on us and do the midnight escape back to Zimbabwe!

Sent on wild goose chases by Bob, only for him to swoop in and do what he always wanted to do.”