The Hallmark of the evolution of Zanu PF and the Ngwazu Yamuyaya of Zimbabwe!

    By Roy Muroyi

    “…..Panotungana dzemudanga ma hwani anenge atanga hapana anoda kuitwa mhuru, kuratidzana  hu bhuru…. Uchamhanya nebhuru ripi, uchaziva sei kuti iri  riri weak  sezvo achifurira pamwe chete..”- Winky D’s song Dzemudanga.

    How prophetic and ironic is Wnky D’ s new song Dzemudanga? I shall not put the artist in a compromising position or directly link his music to the political happenings in the country, as the true meaning of the song can only be known by the artist.

    That being said, art is art and the general public is allowed to deduce whatever meaning they feel is appropriate for the art.

    As Zimbabwe gets into another election, Zanu PF is at it again, creating drama so as to shift our sight from the real issues on the ground, relegating us to political commentators mainly on social media rather than political players.

    As the power struggles continue to be the hallmark of Zanu Pf’ s evolution besides the country plundering into economic shambles. The two “bulls”(Gware and Matibili) so to speak, might actually be just flexing their muscles, it would be really stupid and short sighted for the general public to take or pick a sides.

    How do we know which bull is weak, when these bulls share the dirtiest of secrets. Is it not an open secret that Mnangagwa has been the right hand man for Mugabe, clearing the way for uncle bob every time ?

    Mnangagwa and Mugabe are generally birds of the same feather (mabhuru anofurira pamwe). It will be unwise for us to try and deduce  a meaning to the happenings in Zanu pf at the moment.

    As my older brother Job “WiWa” Sikhala always says  “ zvimwe unongoonawo pa social media wosiya ipapo/ some of these things you just see them on social media and leave there”.

    These power struggles have been ongoing ever since the Liberation war era. Factionalism, tribalism and corruption characterised the struggle, resulting in the movement swallowing its own sons just like in the French revolution were sons of the revolution (those who started the revolution) started killing each other on assuming power.

    As we draw yet to another election , it is imperative to understand the unchanging  trends within Zanu pf , as this will help us not to be alluded by the “cat fights” in Zanu pf. It is at this time that the opposition needs to be vigilant, take advantage of Zanu pf’s evolutionary antics and push the change agenda forward.

    The agency of the media is not completely free from the force that politicians exert on it in order to propel their different agendas (Mukhongo et al 2016).

    The Zimbabwean media is completely cut from the same cloth. Robert Mugabe and Zanu pf  have over the years used the media to divert the real stories / challenges that are facing the nation in order to promote their agendas. The media agency is structured in such a way that it serves to promote the different agendas that politicians want to propel. News management is used to control the opinions of the public.

    The events leading up to today , since 1980 clearly show that Robert Mugabe is intent on becoming Zimbabwe and Zanu pf’s life president “Ngwazu yamuyaya”.

    It is an open secret that Mnangagwa has been the right hand man of Mugabe’ clearing the way for him and doing all the dirty work for him .

    Indeed Mnangagwa was very instrumental in the Gukurahundi massacres, Murambatsvina, and all campaigns that have seen most opposition activists getting murdered in cold blood.

    Some have also pointed their fingers to Mnangagwa, for the recent disappearance of Itai Dzamara and the killing of Rex Nhongo.

    This leads  to my point that whether it is Mugabe or Mnangagwa who shall have the last laugh laugh, most of us honestly do not care, its still the same thing.

    Whether it is a piece of fortune or a curse on Mnangagwas’ part , it is not for me to say.These are all enemies of the revolution, they are all responsible for the mess Zimbabwe is in today, they are also the people responsible for  planing to wipe away the entire Ndebele Nation.

    The sacking of Mnangagwa is not relavant news to the change agenda at all, it is a mere repetition of  Zanu pf’s evolutionary antics that will probably not have any bearing come election time as Zanu pf does not believe in the ballot box, this is evidenced right now by the fact that  Zanu Pf has not made any strides or showed any support for voter registration. Mnangagwa was hand picked to be Vice President, meaning to say he was a Vice President as per his boss’s favor, as Grace Mugabe clearly points out.

    There is no democratic procedure that was followed to give Mnangagwa the Vice Presidency Mnangagwa. With that being said, the government that Mnangagwa was supposedly representing is an illegitimate government that was not voted for by the people of Zimbabw in the 2013 election. Zanu pf and Mugabe won a one race election .This Mnagagwa-Mugabe  government became illigal and illegitimate at that moment.

    Even when they had lost the first election and ran a one man race , Mugabe and Mnangagwa did not care what  the masses were saying or feeling on the ground. They formed a government  which has led to the collapse of almost everything the country had.   Some within Zanu-PF have no qualms in Mugabe being life president “Ngwazu Yamuyaya “ as long as they are gaining from his patronage.

    The sacking of Mnangagwa should not at this stage be taking center stage, as there is nothing new that the nation has not previously seen in regards to Mugabe sacking his deputies and sympathizers.

    A few years back Joice Mujuru suffered the same fate and was to be replaced by the same man that is making headlines today. To the bulk of us that are to some extent politically conscious there is nothing amiss about this.

    Enos Nkala’ the host when the party was formed, fell out of favor with Mugabe in the 1990s and the Willowgate scandal was used to nail him down. Maurice Nyagumbo was also fingered in this scandal and subsequently committed suicide , though reports suggest he was murdered ( see my article Revisiting the …………….)

    Edgar Tekere having stayed in Zanu for over a dacede died a pauper after he fell out of favor with Mugabe especially after the publication of his book A life time of struggle. Edson Zvobgo  would have died a pauper too had it not been for his dynasty that he had built in Masvingo through Zanu Pf patronage.

    Rugare Gumbo  and Mutasa were chucked out of the party after siding with Joice Mujuru. A lot of examples can be given of the revolutionary sons that were swallowed by the revolution.

    Examples of revolutionary sons that were thrown into the dust bin of history by Mnngagwa and Mugabe are just too many to mention in this small and limited article and all this has been part of the evolution of Zanu pf that should not allude Zimbabweans as something to talk about when going into an election voter registration issues should centre stage and led dzemudanga dzitungane imomo!!

    Roy Muroyi is a pro-democracy promoter, A strong activist, A registered Voter who believes in youth emancipation in all facets of governance. He writes in his own capacity and can be contacted on [email protected]


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