Mugabe using Chipanga to test the bite of the lion

Zimbabwe’s first lady Grace Mugabe, and her G40 faction used Zanu PF Youth leader Kudzai Chipanga to literally ‘test the bite of the lion’,this according to Khuluma Afrika co-Editor Maynard Manyowa, in the immediate wake of a botched press conference by Chipanga.

Chipanga read a prepared statement earlier today, whose contents clearly did not come from him, nor from the youth league, as he stammered, failing to pronounce certain words and appeared jittery the whole time, effectively selling himself out.

Writing on his Facebook, Manyowa warned that Chipanga was being dangled as dangerous bait, and being used as a test meter to gauge the severity of the military’s ‘bite force’.

“On Nat Geo when they want to test the bite force of a shark, they use a piece of meat which they tie to a test meter. The shark will always bite the meat. But the point is to see how hard it bites.” he wrote in reference to Chipanga.

In a separate post, he added that it was clear Chipanga had been sent to test the bite, and also dare the army.

“How to test the bite force of the lion 101.

Write a presser and send poor Kudzi Chipanga to release it on behalf of ‘youth league’. Instruct Herald, Chronicle, ZBC to ignore it completely.

If army retaliates, emerge and tell them you had nothing to do with it and that Chipanga acted out of his own head and “did not speak on behalf of yourself”

If they don’t claim the army is weak and was silenced by a mere boy in party regalia.

It beats me how Chipanga could not see he is like a steak chop being used to test the strength of the lion’s bite.”

Political commentator Ian Makomeya added to the same notion, stating that Mugabe had avoided reacting himself, but instead made Chipanga move on his behalf and effectively put the ball back in the military’s court for the next move.

Makomeya likened what is happening to a Zimbabwean game called Fombo / Nhombo.

In the game, the contestants make a mound of soil and erect a small thin stick in the middle. They then take turns to remove a portion of the soil out. As the soil starts to run out, it becomes inevitable that one touch will cause the stick to fall.

When the stick falls the game is over, and the person whose last touch cause the stick to fall will get a physical beating of epic proportions.