Hubristic Mugabe bases final lifeline on Zuma, SADC, AU

    Zimbabwe’s President, Robert Mugabe, who remains confined at his private residence in Borrowdale Brooke residence in the country’s capital appears to insist on hubris as he attempts to find just another lifeline to prolong his monopoly of the state by seeking intervention from South Africa’s President, Jacob Zuma.

    Mugabe was placed in confinement around his own house by the military, who proceeded to take over state broadcaster and announce the confinement.

    Allies of Mugabe’s wife Grace, who had reached power’s doorstep on the back of supposed support of the President were detained at the President’s house, before being moved to KG6 barracks early this evening.

    Khuluma Afrika firmly understands, after several reiterations and observations that the army is not attempting to overthrow President Mugabe. Upon detention, Mugabe was offered an olive branch by the army who asked him to agree to stop purging war veterans from the party, and stop allowing the use of state institutions to create an unfair playground.

    It is thought that Mugabe was desperate and afraid at the time may have been on the verge of agreeing, but decided instead to aim for the last available lifeline of ‘crying coup and hoping for regional support’.

    Early this morning we were told that there was a huge chance South Africa’s Jacob Zuma would denounce the military intervention in Zimbabwe and call for SADC intervention as a whole.

    We were told that while Zuma disagrees with Mugabe, and personally feels Mugabe has created problems for him during his tenure, the South African leader could not risk allowing a precedent where a family dynasty is rejected by force, as that could send wrong ideas to his own citizens who are starting to reject the possibility of Zuma’s ex-wife taking over the country.

    President Zuma eventually made a statement urging for calm, and encouraging the military to remain peaceful.

    An emergency SADC troika has now been convened where the Zimbabwean situation will be discussed.

    We are told that there is a chance that South Africa will push for greater condemnation of the military.

    It is unclear if Mugabe will be allowed to attend it. Zanu PFs Nick Mangwana posted a comment on his timeline indicating that Mugabe may be allowed to leave depending on where is going.

    “She says the President is confined and I say ah the President is protected. Can he leave and I say depending on his destination. She says it’s a coup and I repeat my word of the day; alignment”

    The move, Mugabe’s probable last dice, after rejecting an olive branch may lead to the military increasing force, or ‘intervening’ again by other means.

    It is unclear what direction the discussion will take. At the height of his powers, Mugabe’s has often disregarded SADC resolutions and advice, and the military, which likely knew that such a thing would happen after their actions are probably prepared anyway.

    So far, each time a bluff has been called, they have simply raised the stakes, or played a new card altogether.

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