Zimbabwe army announces it has taken over country and are keeping Mugabe safe

Zimbabwe's Army commander General Constantine Chiwenga (L) chats with commander of the Zimbabwe National Army, Lieutenant-General Phillip Valerio Sibanda, during the countries 28 years Independence celebration in Harare on April 18, 2008. AFP PHOTO / Alexander JOE (Photo credit should read ALEXANDER JOE/AFP/Getty Images)


Zimbabwe’s military has taken over and announced it is keeping Mugabe safe.

In a statement delivered via national broadcaster ZBC the army announced it was stepping in to protect the country.

The army encourage people to limit unnecessary movement.

The army assured the country that President Mugabe, whom they still reffered to as the Commander in Chief is safe and sound and his security guaranteed.

The army says it is challenging criminals working with him whom they want to remove.

After removing them, the army says the situation will return to normal.

The army stated that it is aware that the same people hijacking Mugabe would still attempt to rise again, but promised they would make sure such an ‘injustice’ would not happen.

The army said the judiciary would be allowed to exercise their authority without interference.

Parliamentarians were told the army will create a dispensation allowing them to work democratically.

The army called upon war veterans to ensure peace and stability. All army members on leave have been instructed to return to the barracks.

The media were urged to report fairly and responsibly.