Comment: Seems like this is the end of the road for Mugabe

Mugabe is now stuck in no man's land, and all boats have sailed
They laughed at his claims that he was being ill-treated
This comment was supplied by Khuluma Afrika’s Hubert Sithole in the aftermath of a press conference called by War Veterans in Zimbabwe. You can watch it here, and an analysis by co-Editor Maynard Manyowa to understand the context. 
Robert Mugabe is stuck in no man’s land. All boats have sailed off. And even if he tries to swim, it seems there is no water. His party wants him gone. His war veterans want him gone. The citizens in Zimbabwe have always wanted him gone. The military has blocked Mugabe from sending police to beat them, so now they want to express themselves tomorrow. Within SADC and AU, Mugabe has enemies who will block any move to frustrate Zimbabwe’s aim for change. It is incredible.
The theory that Bob is a great strategist is being tested and disproved now. The system is the great strategist. He is being woven into corners. I never imagined i would see him equalised this much.
The citizens, the generals, Zanu PF all have so many cards to play. He has one left, and its not the joker! The two jokers are all in the hands.
Someone once said when Bob has been cornered, he has always been able to pull a rabbit out of the hat. But the problem is Mugabe’s hat has run out of rabbits.
Reports are that the military are not giving in to any demands, and can escalate when need be. But that is unnecessary.
Zanu PF itself has started the motion to remove him. By end of day today i am told the required provinces will have requested he be recalled.
The Central Committee will meet and officially do this.
His own MPs will impeach him.
The citizens of the country, who he abused so much for so long, will have a free reign tomorrow. They will demonstrate and send the clear message that “MUGABE MUST GO”.
AU, & SADC can watch and squirm.
Botswana, has also become the trump card. SADC relies on member consensus. As long as Khama sticks with the citizens demands, even Zuma and Lungu can’t save Mugabe.
The US, UK, EU all support the move to have Bob gone.