101 Sexual Health

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SEXUAL HEALTH: what you need to know.

I know most of you got excited when you saw the term sexual and began to think twice when you saw the term health. Before you decide to skip this let me ask you a few questions

Have you ever had sex?

Do you or ever had wet dreams / menstruated?

Ever got a blow job or cunnilingus?

If you answered yes, kindly share just a few minutes of your time to read through as this might be helpful not to just yourself but partner, friend and kids.

So according to WHO Sexual Health is Sexual health is a state of physical, mental and social well-being in relation to sexuality. It requires a positive and respectful approach to sexuality and sexual relationships, as well as the possibility of having pleasurable and safe sexual experiences, free of coercion, discrimination and violence.

Breaking it down key components to note is that it’s a state of Physical, mental and social well-being. Meaning it’s not just about your physical satisfaction of well- being. It includes mental or emotional stability. Giving an example sexual health address issues of emotional state that is after a sexual encounter it’s important that one does not regret it. So it addresses issues of consent ensure your partner is agreeing to what you want to do, SILENCE!!! is not consent. Coercion, uses of violence and blackmail are not permissible ways of getting consent. It addresses issues of safe sex, biological difference of people some menstruate some have wet dreams.

Sexual health also notes on sexuality, WHO asserts that its’ a central aspect of being human throughout life encompasses sex, gender identities and roles, sexual orientation, eroticism, pleasure, intimacy and reproduction. Sexuality is experienced and expressed in thoughts, fantasies, desires, beliefs, attitudes, values, behaviors, practices, roles and relationships. While sexuality can include all of these dimensions, not all of them are always experienced or expressed. Sexuality is influenced by the interaction of biological, psychological, social, economic, political, cultural, legal, historical, religious and spiritual factors.

Right breaking it down sexuality is about how you express yourself, who you express yourself with, what influences you to express yourself, when you choose to express yourself and why you express yourself. Sexuality is diverse and dynamic from one individual to another. Dressing is a component of sexuality. What are you wearing right now? Why did you choose those clothes?

Giving or getting a blow job or cunnilingus is a chose not a right, its’ a way of expressing ones sexuality. These are all part of sexuality, but one area to hit on is that sexuality expression is a personal chose and should not be forced upon or coerced into. Sexuality is expressed in different forms and sex also plays a role that is being male or female.

So in brief sexual health looks at physical, emotional/mental and social well-being, its’ about how one chooses to express themselves free of coercion, blackmail or violence. I hope this was helpful, will share more about sexual rights on my next article.