Layman’s Desk: This week in review (Jonathan and Kangai)

    I  am a stranger to jargon, ignorant they call me. My jaws-drop every time i listen to Minister Chris Mutsvangwa orate John Bulls language with such aplomb. My confidence is codenamed public opinion, indeed i sorely fear expressing my sentiments. So i whisper around my sentiments till my fellows join in to make it an eventual outcry. However, i represent 90% of the population, I am a LAYMAN.
    Society has been divided into two pools, the intellectuals who debate on Economics and Politics.Then the second pool is us the laymen who dwell mostly on religion and social issues and cheerlead the lawmakers. Well until now, thanks to the writer who happens to be our learned distant cousin who will detail our thought-process and at least make us seem white-collared on paper. This is the layman’s take on current events in our economic and political sphere.
    Thanks to my watsapp group admin who managed to download this interview from youtube and forward it to us. My $0.50 daily bundle which translates to 50megabytes was put to good use.
    Yes i unrepentantly suffer from prejudice, so when i hear the name JONATHAN MOYO i immediately think of the Public Order and Security Act(POSA).
    While the debate on international law flies way past my head ,i understand the basic things. When millions of my fellow laymen left this land and went on exile with the economic climate being the push factor, he asserted that the economy was fine.
    Hard Talk host Zeinad Badawi gave the fallen professor a chance to redeem himself, at least to me, when she poised a question on unemployment adding that the average Zimbabwean living on below $5 a day.
    However, the Prof who spent the entire interview backflipping between how “his life was in danger” and “nullifying” the transition chose to defend the legacy of Former President Robert Mugabe and brushed off the economic situation affecting my everyday life for more than a decade as a mere challenge. 
    So while the intellectuals try to debate on the constitution and international law, as a layman i am just smiling.
    Forgive me but it’s a pretty sight seeing the former minister go through what my brothers and sisters have been going through for a long time.Being stuck in a foreign land, with your family back home.
    Is it not ironic that the brains that orchestrated the 100% local content initiative and cramped international media ran to the same foreign media when the chicken came home to roost? 

    It also reached the layman’s desk that Former NetOne chief executive officer, Reward Kangai, was arrested  by the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission (Zacc) on allegations of criminal abuse of office during his tenure at the parastatal.Those in glass houses should never throw stones. 

    This is the same gentleman who tried to have Minister Supa Mandiwanzira arrested through the same commission just a few days ago.

    The layman’s mental premises can not fully process the forensic audit which linked him to “several underhand performances, including flagrant disregard of procedural airtime distribution, salary payment and tenders,” as the ZACC spokesperson Phyllis Chikundura stated.

    But looking at the charges the layman would like to ignore the $11 million he is alleged to have siphoned from Net One through Firstel Cellular,a company he is believed to own a stake in.

    I can easily tell that One-Wallet was not a profitable initiative and used the people as a shield for a poorly executed marketing strategy but to the layman the whistle blower was One Fusion.

    Forgive the paranoia of the 3rd world layman but when i saw the town turn Orange with One Fusion T-shirts and Caps my first reaction was “PANE AKUBA MARI IPAPA”(someone is stealing).

    While the thousands of youths jostled in line for a  commission-based remuneration,Mr Kangai was busy awarding BOPELA GROUP(pvt ltd) a $3.7million tender without following tender procedures.

    To conclude, i don’t know much, i might be wrong but understand why i feel jubilant. I am used to seeing my fellows face trial for smaller figures yet the top crop was immune to the arm of the law.

    Pardon me if i misunderstand, normally i do not even voice my opinion. The next time i seat in silence appreciate me, i am just a LAYMAN.

    See you next week…

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