Zim Chief Justice speaks on 2018 elections

Zimbabwe will hold elections this year

Chief Justice of the Republic of Zimbabwe Chief Justice Luke Malaba has weighed in on the upcoming elections, urging political parties to be responsible and to shun the violence during their campaigns.

“As Zimbabwe will be holding harmonised elections this year, the rule of law will be crucial if the country is to hold a free, fair and credible elections,” he said

He said this during the official opening of the 2018 legal year at Mashonganyika Building in Harare.

Since the time he assumed the office in April last year, Chief Justice Malaba was presiding over the legal  year opening ceremony for the first time.

Chief Justice Malaba also looked on crucial areas affecting the judiciary which include access to justice for all and improvement in the conditions of service for judicial officers.

The judiciary is an important arm of the state which plays a critical role in the balance of power, checks and balances in a constitutional democracy.

The gospel of peaceful, free and fair elections has been the talk of the nation lately as some political party members turn to use  violence and intimidating people.

Zimbabwe will be holding their harmonised elections later this year as this year sees the end of term for those elected in 2013.

According to the Zimbabwean constitution such elections are to be held after every five years.