Hon Kaseke comments were taken out of context

Betty Kaseke with President Mnangagwa (Newsday)
Betty Kaseke with President Mnangagwa (Newsday)

Harare – Statements attributed to Kuwadzana Legislator and former model Betty Nhambu-Kaseke (Zanu PF) in an earlier report carried by this publication were taken out of context, and her conduct at the parliament buildings in Harare was very respectful and orderly the entire time.

Khuluma has now established from impeccable sources that the legislator did not ask to be out in front of the queue, nor did she behave in an entitled manner.

“When she arrived, she was willing to stand in the back of the que like ordinary people. It was the security details at the buildings, and the people doing the BVR who recognised her and asked that she come to the front since she was an honourable member of the house” a security source at the parliament buildings said.

“It is unfair to equate her to Gucci Grace. The whole time she was here she behaved respectfully, even speaking to people, discussing normal issues. She is not that kind of person at all.” the source added.

Another source added that the complaints about her being put at the front of the line had been raised by one person who was in the que.

“There was a guy who complained about why there was a jump in the que, but the BVR guys explained that it was an Honourable Member of Parliament. The guy thought they were lying but after he recognised her he conceded. It was only when he asked how they recognised her that Hon Kaseke responded saying she was a member of the house, and therefore people who work at the premises generally know her. Yes there were complaints but this issue has been made big for nothing really. The honourable member was very courteous. “ he added.

When reached for comment, the legislator confirmed this version of events.

Since becoming a legislator, Hon Kaseke has been among the most proactive members of parliament.