Mliswa aims gun at Obert Mpofu

Norton MP, Temba Mliswa
Harare – The clean up process in the new dispensation has seen “corrupt” government officials brought before the law to stand trial. Boxes have been ticked but one box that remains to be ticked is that of “sacred cows”.
Government officials included in the new system have been accused of being immune to trial and questioning.Enter Hon Temba Mliswa, shooting from the hip with Parliament as his chosen battlefield.
While contributing towards the Finance Bill in parliament, the Norton Member Of Parliament accused the entire cabinet of incompetence and further questioning it’s reason for existence if it’s members are going against mandate.
 “We have a situation where you really ask yourself, what does Cabinet really do? When you look at how badly we perform, Cabinet seems to just sit, have coffee and go to their offices. For a very long time, I have never understood the role of Cabinet and I would equally ask these Hon. Ministers what they do in Cabinet because there is no work on the ground which they discuss and think in Cabinet. We have situations where Cabinet departs from the very policy that it is supposed to put forward.” the outspoken legislature said.
Soon after spraying these stray bullets, Hon Mliswa then singled out Minister Of Home affairs Cde Obert Mpofu remarking, “You know, I have nothing against the wealth of anybody especially the wealth of Hon. Mpofu because I would like to have the same wealth but I would like to ask him how he acquired it. I would like to know, for me to be as rich as him, how did he get that rich? For me, he seems to have a better career being a business person than a Minister but he chooses to be a Minister and allows his business to go broke. His business triumphed while he was a Minister especially when he was the Minister of Mines and Mining Development. People are not stupid.”  
As if  the jabs were not enough, the  punches came through when Hon Mliswa called the former Minister Of Mines and Mining Developments a habitual thief. He further argued that it was ethically and morally wrong for the minister to have his majority of business interests fall under the ministry he heads (formerly). He pinpointed that investors are well informed on these unscrupulous dealings and hence they chose not to invest.
We wait to see if the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission (ZACC) will follow the sound of the whistle-blower and have cabinet Ministers investigated.