Zim opposition is dead, useless, pointless – Stunner

Hip Hop artists Stunner

Harare – Zimbabwean local rapper Desmond Chideme popularly known as Stunner, who is “not yet” a registered voter expressed concerns during an election debate sponsored by Election Resource Centre (ERC) over the opposition parties in Zimbabwe saying they are not visible.

“Opposition is dead so I do not want to waste my time on registering to vote on something that is not going to change,” said Stunner

He went on to say that he does not have any reason to vote because he has been disappointed before and if he had to, someone has to convince him why he should vote for that person.

“Nobody has stepped up and addressed my needs, so I am not going to vote just to add value on someone who is not going to bring change”

Stunner pointed that the opposition is not offering something that can lure him to voter for them, and as for the current government, they have robbed him.

The rapper highlighted how his Highfield Glenorah constituency has been governed past Members of Parliament.

“Before the sitting MP in my constituency there was Psychology Maziiswa who is nowhere to be found and also before him there was Priscillah Misihairambwi who also had some allegations. So we have somebody from ZANU PF and somebody from MDC. Both parties have disappointed me. No development in my area parks are gone, raw sewages in the dam, so who am I going to vote for “, said Stunner.

Stunner is one of the pioneers of the urban music revolution in Zimbabwe, he conveyed challenges they face as musicians in politics saying if one want to speak for part A, the moment one agrees part B will say something.

He said as musicians must be given freedom to act in both parties and the public will decide for themselves.

“We are not given freedom to do our art only given when one comes with a threatening voice saying we are the ones running this country so you have to do a,b,c,” added Stunner

Last year, Stunner responded to Tendai Biti who is the leader of People’s Democratic Part (PDP) who had reacted to his pool party pictures saying, “patinobata mababsa enyika hamubatike vakuru but mosimudza musoro pane maUnderwear”

To this response he stated that the government is not doing anything to help so he has to do what he has to in order to feed his family.

Dancehall producer popularly known as Levels was amongst the audience shared the same sentiment with Stunner through a  comment saying he is not going to register because the outcome is the same.