Layman: The Mugabe Mujuru choir

Malicious Mujuru attack a new low, even for DisGraced Zanu PF
In happier times: Mugabe and Mujuru

Attention attention attention auditorium(silence), the melodies emanating from that choir are of different notes and contrasting pitch. At this moment for the benefit of the audience would you like take recite individually your weekly anthem that you just sung so we give the judges a fair account of what you are saying,THANK YOU.

Shall we have Dr Joice Mujuru to sing her saprano
Dr Joice Mujuru “I spoke to him(Former President Robert Mugabe) on Tuesday, he is home he is not happy about what happened to him.I also spoke to Grace who said that she was misinformed and regrets.”
Ok Hold it right there Joice, amazing melody. Shall we hear the choir’s Baratone from Dr Mujuru’s  Deputy national organising secretary Paddington Japajapa. You have the floor sir.
“We do not care who they are or where they are coming from as long as they are bringing votes, that is what we are excited with as a PARTY.”
Thank you, at this point the Layman would like to hear the alto churn their vocals, led by the People’s Rainbow Coalition PRC deputy Chairperson.
“There is no way we are working with Mugabe. Mujuru went there on her personal capacity, not representing PRC”

Wait, the decibels might be high but the lack of cohesion makes this jig-saw puzzle turn cryptic. While it is common knowledge that Dr Joice Mujuru is the kingpin in the PRC union, is she heading for another split in her political career?

Since being expelled from Zanu Pf she has been party-hopping and we guess she has made a complete 360degree revolution and found herself where she started again.In Robert Mugabe’s palm.

Social streets have been crediting fallen and in exile G40 members for infiltrating the current dispensation. In a related encounter, 17 CIO agents have allegedly been fired for facilitating the Mugabe and Mujuru pacts and talks.

The layman is worried about a few things, how will the cracks in the new formations hold up?

Shall we see Grace Mugabe ranting again? We surely miss the comedy.

How will the MDC fair? Will they join?

With Hon Chamisa having been annointed by Mr Morgan Tsvangirai to be acting President of the MDC and the health of the later being a talking point how will this play out?

I call out all my fellow laymen to commence the beer talk and next week i will be back with internal details of these pacts.