Pressure grows on ZBC to give opposition parties access

ZBC is Zimbabwe's sole broadcaster
ZBC is Zimbabwe's sole broadcaster

Harare – United Citizens Alliance has pleaded with state broadcaster Zimbabwe Broadcasting Cooperation (ZBC) Television to give all political parties to get a free equal coverage on their station.

“There is freedom in publicizing issues, especially from opposition parties,” said UCA youth chairperson Tawanda Kalonga.

Speaking to this publication Kalonga said he appreciates that Zimbabwe has got one television broadcaster but firmly believes that everyone must be free to engage the stations viewers and sell their message during elections so as to allow the public to make informed choices.

“We are in the new political dispensation and it must be witnessed with the changes, starting from how ZBC operates,” echoed Kalonga

He added that by law every citizen contributes to the state broadcaster through license fees and thus the station must be open for the public as it is funded by public funds.

The alliance lamented how the MDC alliance rallies are ignored by the state broadcaster but small Zanu PF party meetings receive coverage.

“The new political era has to show a difference from the Mugabe era, media must be open to everyone,” added Kalonga

Kalonga pointed that free and fair elections starts with fairness in the media and freedom after.

UCA had a peaceful demonstration opposite Zimbabwean parliament buildings calling for media reforms. They handed over a petition of media reforms to the parliament.

The government has already promised to open up the airwaves and allow other private media channels to exist. There has been indications that media repressive laws like the Access to Information and Privacy Protection Act may be repealed.