Bushiri attackers confirm they were paid by Apostle Makanisa, Charis TV

Pretoria – It has been revealed that Johannesburg-based Apostle Makanisa and his Charis TV team are in a sleepless sinister campaign to thoroughly destroy and completely delete Prophet Shepherd Bushiri’s ministry in South Africa.

Among other things, the campaign involves paying assailants to be speaking ill of Prophet Bushiri on their television; hiring young girls to confess that Prophet Bushiri made a move on them; sending secret agents at ECG to manipulate people to speak ill of the prophet so that they use such confessions not just on their television, but also opening cases against the Prophet.

However, the cat is now out of the bag.

One of the many people they hired to speak ill of Prophet Bushiri has come out to expose how he was used to destroy the ECG leader. He is now seeking for forgiveness for being part of the plot to destroy not just Prophet Bushiri but also different other God’s general who are championing the prophetic ministry.

The person, Prophet Rods, spoke through a 45-minute video, which was posted on YouTube on Thursday, saying God has spoken to him to stop destroying His generals. He added that what he has been doing has brought confusion in the body of Christ and unless he repents, he will never know peace of the heart.

He speaks: “I once did a video that was aired on Charis TV and social media alleging that Prophet Bushiri’s prophecies are fake, that his miracles are fabricated, that he is not a man of God. I regret saying that because it is all false and fabricated; things spoken under influence of being used. Prophet Bushiri is a genuine man of God. I repeat: Prophet Bushiri is a genuine man of God.”

Prophet Rods further says that at the heart of it all is that [Apostle Makanisa], owner of Charis TV, has a Jezebellic spirit of jealousy against prophetic ministries because they are growing so fast. His major focus has been attacking Prophet Bushiri because he runs a powerful prophetic ministry in this Southern part of Africa.

“He hates prophetic ministries and, if you watch him preach, all his sermons are about attacking Prophet Bushiri and other prophets. He pays people, and I am one of them, to be speaking ill of Prophet Bushiri in his church with a goal destroying ECG and have its leader either arrested or deported back to his home country,” he speaks.

Prophet Rods further said that this Apostle never sleeps, plotting everyday; adding his wish is to see Prophet Bushiri fall.

“He is hiring girls, lawyers, walkers to use whatever means they have to pull down Prophet Bushiri. He even plans despicable things such as to see Prophet Bushiri dead,” he says.

He has since warned the public against believing this apostle because all his actions are being driven by spirit of jealousy, and jezebels spirit that destroys prophets.

For more watch the video below: