Layman: Enter Chamisa the rapper?

Nelson Chamisa engineered a deathbed coup in the MDC-T
Nelson Chamisa engineered a deathbed coup in the MDC-T

Hip hop culture is a fluid that takes the shape of the container. The multi-element culture which has been termed the “fastest growing culture” in the world now has a say in Political Presidiums. Enter Nelson Chamisa the Rapper.

The layman who dwells on pub-talks and grapevine has of late been noticing the rapper-mentality that the newly appointed MDC Acting President used to outsmart his opponents in the battle for kingship. Debate no more how a youthful candidate is now the number one citizen at Harvest House, here are the five Hip Hop reasons..

#1 AGE — The African culture generally aligns itself to the thesis that the older you get the wise you become. Hip Hop on the other hand is fuelled by youth energy and believes the older you get the less relevant you become but as trade you earn respect. While Mdc Vp Thokozani Khupe had been stated as the candidate with the helm of the top crop at MDC, Chamisa sailed on youth energy and his hip hop swag saw him tip the scale in his favor.


Rappers been noted for their disrespect of elders and women since time in memorial. The way Chamisa, who was the most junior Vp then outpaced his elder Eng Elias Mudzuri and Mother-figure Thokozani Khupe with no remorse is of hip hop proportions.


Advocate Chamisa always paid homage to his master The Late Morgan Tsvangirai. He stayed loyal to him through the multiple MDC splits. In his first address after Tsvangirai’s death he declared that it will always be “TSVANGIRAI CHETE CHETE” . It’s such character that makes him stand out.


While the boredom associated with political speeches is well documented,Nelson Chamisa commands strong lyrical and oratory skills that the youth can relate too. During a lugubrious moment in his address,he figured it was time to drop bars and went on to say

“Mudzuri huya tiDzure Zanu/

Khupe huya tiKupe Zanu/“

Much to the jubilation of thousands that made the Red Army.The Layman has never heard of a Mudzuri quotable. In rap he is characterized as an irrelevant mumble rapper. Doesn’t he remind you of former Vp Mpekhezela Mphoko?


In rap battles, the fans decide who the winner is. So similar to Politics,Oh wait???Ok let’s assume so. Your charisma plays a key role, Hon Chinotimba made it to Parliament not because he can draft the best manifesto but he had social capital from charisma.

Hon Chamisa has scored with the ladies, the youths and even those who are outside his party structures. The new rapper in town has now been appointed the Acting President for the MDC for the next 12months.

The Layman is now reporting to the bar,let’s chat again next week.