Police in accident cover up scandal

    Harare – Police in Zimbabwe appear to have been implicated in a cover up scandal after a detective with the CID ran over an elderly woman and smashed into a stationary commuter omnibus, Khuluma Afrika has learnt.

    The incident which occurred on the 22nd of February has yet to be investigated, while crucial evidence from the scene was tempered with by police officers and detectives from Waterfalls Police base.

    Critical evidence like blood alcohol levels was not obtained at all, amid indications that the officers are attempting to coach ‘ghost witnesses’ to exonerate their colleague.

    A summary of what has transpired so far was captured in a thread by Khuluma’s Roving Editor, Maynard Manyowa and is below.


    On the evening of Thursday 22nd February around 19.00 hours, an intoxicated CID detective ran over an elderly woman along 1st avenue in Waterfalls. He tried to flee the scene at high speed leaving the elderly woman clinging onto life by a thread.

    As he tried to flee he hit a stationary commuter omnibus parked at the side of the road, propelling his car into a tree. A number of witnesses saw it all & were quite livid. Bystanders helped the elderly woman and took her to Corporate 24 in Avondale/Belgravia for treatment

    As they (bystanders) were dispensing help the detective was threatening them & telling them off for their displeasure. His favourite ‘hapana zvamondiita’. In a few mins fellow detectives (his friends) showed up&tried to cover up the accident by coaching & threatening witnesses.

    Two lady cops came from the Waterfalls Police Base (the detective in question works for CID Braeside & is stationed at the Waterfalls satellite base station). They made no efforts to apprehend the guy who was visibly very drunk. No efforts were made to breathlise him either.

    When quizzed by bystanders the ladies said they could not do much because they did not have jurisdiction – although this happened 100m from the Waterfalls station. They said Mbare police had to attend to this. Well wishers then offered to have an officer ferried from Mbare.

    A traffic cop identified as Const Edmore was brought to the scene. The detective & his friends were uncooperative, refusing to give the cop his identity, nor their particulars. They then claimed their friend was injured & needed medical attention – 3 hours after the accident

    The constable arranged to have the vehicle towed to Eastlea amid massive interference & intimidation. A case was opened under RRB 3446146 at Mbare Traffic Police. The detectives vehicle is a Toyota Corolla Crystalite model Reg No ADM6078.

    Since the day, officers from Waterfalls station have frequented the elderly woman’s house to deliver all sorts of tacit threats & intimidate her. They have even tried to coerce her to endorse that the detective was not driving & not drunk – although the guy could not stand!

    As it is Khuluma Afrika understands that statements have been recorded & discarded, as the police try to cover up the matter, while “Ghost Witnesses” have emerged.

    After receiving these facts, we managed to get a hold of CID spokesperson. We were told the matter was being investigated by one Sgt Sigauke. We were told to call him after he returned from court.

    We decided to go to the station to query for ourselves, only to find out that the investigation into the matter has not even started. As we milled around, we overhead two officers saying “nyaya iyi yaakupisa kana yasvika ku press”.

    It was abundantly clear at the station that the police do not want to investigate & allow prosecution of the guy. Although the investigating officer told us that he only got the docket the day before yesterday & had been held up by other issues at court.

    At this point, it appears they have no idea when this will make it to court, if it does. Crucial evidence, especially surrounding the alcohol levels in the detective is impossible to get now. Meanwhile the elderly victim is getting threats added to injury.

    Meanwhile, detective Shane Mutseto continues working, and driving, strutting above the law with impunity.


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