Layman: The bullet train

Any port in a storm, sounds logical. Until you get to a port and realize that it’s run by pirates. The idea of being excited or feeling relieved by any fallacy during a crisis may have the same effects of being stuck in a pit then you keep digging.

The layman has been hovering around watering holes around the city and the grapevine was divided by the remarks made by MDC-T acting President Nelson Chamisa. He made a promise to introduce a bullet train that travels from Harare to Bulawayo in just over 30mins. This will now be our figurative pivot of this weeks edition of the Layman’s Desk.

Zimbabwe went through a meltdown in the last decade or two, the unemployment rate shot up, we lost our currency, service delivery plummeted and while in that depression political parties have taken turns to make outrageous promises that the electorate despite being broke keeps buying.

The last time we had the electorate being promised 2million jobs on former President Robert Mugabe’s ticket. An out of character Hon Psychology Maziwisa then made a weak submission on how this was achieved. The explanation caused more harm than the failure to deliver on the promise. Now enter the Bullet train.

The idea of having a bullet train in a land of 13million people is just another way of creating more problems than the one you will be trying to fix. Ignoring the costs and debts, if achieved the bullet train immediately takes the road and air operators off the market. China’s population and congestion makes need for a bullet train.

Meanwhile in Zimbabwe, where we have unemployment problems think about the catastrophe that comes with road operators going out of business in the countries most used road network? Then the struggling aviation port has to further lose the diminishing clientele. The problems that will be caused will need another election promise to fix.

As we stuck in this environment the electorate has to guard against promises that sound good to the ear but even if achieved they are not as effective as the electorate anticipated.Both sides of the political coin will throw in promises, may the electorate be on guard.

Till next week, keep the grapevine going.