Zanu PF Youths clash with provincial member over Kwekwe gold rush

    Scores of Zanu Pf Youths from Kwekwe Central Constituency say they are being blocked from going to the Zanu Pf Party Office to demonstrate against a Provincial Member of the Party whom they accuse of doing what is parallel to the virtues of the Party & the New Dispensation.

    The Provincial Member, Mr. Chokururama, who is also an aspiring Member of Parliament for Kwekwe Central has since fallen out of favor with the Youths who have branded him a greedy person who is undermining the foundation of a better corruption-free Zimbabwe that is being laid down by President E.D Mnangangwa.

    Mr. Chokururama is said to have benefited from the mining initiative / gold rush in Mbizo 22 that was meant to benefit the unemployed youths in Kwekwe. The youths accused him of taking a 40% stake from all mining efforts at that mine in Mbizo 22 leaving the hardworking youths to share the remaining 60% among a shift (syndicate) that would consist of at least 10 people.

    The Provincial Member Mr. Chokururama is also being accused of using his Party Position to ignore party protocols such as consulting with the District Chairman before meeting the branches.

    He has since used his position to ban other known aspiring candidates such as the Deputy Mayor Mr. Mapurazi, the Town Clerk Mr. Musara and Archbishop Kandros Mugabe from meeting the branches or giving anything to the people threatening expulsion or disqualification if one is caught doing otherwise yet he is giving to the people & meeting the people using the Party’s ‘ticket’.

    He is also accused of holding meetings at night with some of the youths from Dr. Muzenda District using the influence of the District Chairwoman whom he promised to support for the council seat. Together with the chairwoman, they are being accused of trying to ‘cook’ the books compiled by Cells in certain Branches across Dr. Mze District.

    Some youths also claim that Mr. Chokururama instructed his campaign team to find people to fabricate stories of slander against other aspiring candidates. Youths claim to have evidence supporting all these allegations.

    A senior Provincial Member (name withheld) says all these accusations against him are grounds for dismissal and disqualification as he is creating parallel structures within the party & he will leave the district divided as they move towards the General Elections.

    The Zanu PF youths who were gathered at Mbizo 1 (Old Mbizo) shops expressed their disgust at Politicians/Leaders who only take from them without giving back to the community.

    They claim that they only started seeing Mr. Chokururama a couple weeks back after years of not coming back to the people who elected him to the Party’s Provincial Structures. The youths said they are tired of “Ghost Leaders” who only resurface during Election Time.

    Youths were yelling names of those they deem “Ghost Leaders” who have been sitting pretty in their positions of power forgetting those who put them there. Among the notable names was Mr. Chokururama, Deputy Mayor Mr. Mapurazi, former MDC Legislator Mr. Chebundo and the MDC Councilor Mr. Ndlovu. All these leaders were accused of lining their pockets at the expense of those they lead.

    A prominent District Official in Zanu PF structures (name withheld) asserted that such a crop of leaders deter people from voting for Zanu PF & they undermine all the good work that the President of the party and the nation will be doing.

    As we are moving closer to the Polling Day, tensions are running high in Kwekwe Central as the battle for supremacy ensues. In all the conversations had on the ground with electorate, it seems there is only one name spoken with affection. It also seems Kwekwe Central has anointed its ‘Moses’ to take them to ‘Canaan’.

    News on the ground is that the people of Kwekwe Central asked Archbishop Kandros Mugabe to represent them in Parliament during one of his philanthropic visits to Mbizo where he gave families food hampers last year.

    His name has become synonymous with benevolence for the past decade. He has been paying rents and schools fees for many people in the past decade also. His businesses & mining ventures create employment for many in Kwekwe. He is affectionately known as “Six2six Problem Solver/Six2six Mvura yaMubvumbi”.

    His name is known in almost all households across Kwekwe as one claims “…hakuna asina kumbodya zvabva kwababa paGomo muno muKwekwe Central, munhu uyu ndiye akuchengeta isu maVotes aBaba vaMnangagwa muno muKwekwe Central kwete Blackman Matambanadzo akatibira akaenda neG40…”

    Despite elements fighting the Archbishop’s candidature, the people of Kwekwe Central remain adamant that Kandros Mugabe is the ‘People’s Choice’ lest the seat falls into MDC’s hands. They also reiterated & echoed President E.D’s sentiments that ‘The voice of the people is the voice of God’.

    Archbishop Kandros Mugabe refused to comment on Party issues saying that he is not a gossiper & the only quote we have from him is what he said before the phone died- “…a Christian life is lived in service to others, may peace be upon you.”

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