Opinion: Chamisa is seriously fake and dishonest

    By Nomazulu Thata

    Comrade Douglas Coltart said in his twitter “This kind of sexist joke might get the crowd laughing but it detracts overall message: worst of all it is the patriarchal norms that women are property,” he said. It is very easy to notice fake people in politicians especially. It is easy too to see that Chamisa does not have the presidential material by any stretch of our imagination. Chamisa is fake evidenced by his yet another qualification from numerous of them:  PASTOR. We have so many fake pastors and prophets in Zimbabwe who are taking advantage of our poverty and ignorance in most cases. For the second time, we have seen Chamisa kneeling down praying at some either sick or disabled child, vulnerable in some sort. I was not surprised to read that Chamisa is on WhatsApp group chat with the likes of Prophet Mboro and some other fake prophets in the land. These are pastors and prophets cut from the same cloth. 

    Chamisa knows: deep down in his conscience, that it is dishonest to claim to have the powers of praying to heal somebody. That does false prophesy and we have enough of them in Zimbabwe already. To kneel down in the name of the Lord’s prayer; obviously performing street-act to please and impress the gullible audience present and online social media elsewhere, yet it is nothing but an empty act; an uncouth show  is inexcusable. Chamisa is perfecting this kneeling and praying for vulnerable he comes across in his rally crusades. This is an uncouth street-act of a pastor!! Some of the prophets in the continent were seen taking out women underpants to cure sterility. In desperation, destitution and abject poverty, some unintelligent acts are believed and recognized with reverence. Gullible audiences become impressed by very stupid street-acts.   

    Just last week a woman was sent to the Zambezi River to cleanse herself. Zambezi River is one of the dirtiest Rivers one can think of. The river Zambezi has its source starting from Zambia, flows through Angola, Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe along its border with Zambia then crosses Mozambique to the Indian Ocean. In all these countries, 50% of the population use bush toilets. It is not even safe to have cattle drink in this river; most of the animals that use rivers as the source of drinking water suffer from measles and hepatitis viruses. When the rains come, the sub-tributaries wash all the human droppings together with industrial effluent into the main River Zambezi. Now, this is where the cleansing is supposed to take place, a river burdened by human faeces and industrial effluent!!  

    Now a prophet or a pastor tells the woman to go and cleanse herself in dirty waters: Does it make sense. Zimbabwe is supposed to have 90% literacy, the highest in the continent. Surely there is no evidence that suggests that some of our Zimbabwean population has some semblance of literacy and enlightenment. Does it make sense to believe that Chamisa can cure an illness or disability of a child? Chamisa cannot cure a wheel-chaired child, he knows that himself. He has to be seen to be performing some extra-ordinary silly acts to amaze the onlookers and to prove he is indeed some superhuman: the Fuehrer; how dangerous, how fake, and how uncouth and how uncivilized. That kneeling picture of Chamisa in the UK praying for the wheel chaired child is nauseating to say the least.  

    Chamisa in 2018 just like Mugabe in 1980 is a very dangerous leader to take over from Zanu PF. We have not seen it yet how he is going to take this country to the middle ages despite his bullet rains and spaghetti highways dreams. What Nkosana Moyo said about Chamisa is: he is not knowledgeable about international banking and finance. If Chamisa had an idea and knowledgeable about international banking, he would not make such wild dreams that are almost stupid to comprehend.  Chamisa has no knowledge about global neo-liberalization, how does the World Bank and World Bank Groups function, how they operate. He thinks it’s just going to Washington to collect money: hence, by just going to the USA on a visit, Chamisa claimed that Donald Trump would give him 15 billion dollars when he wins elections. If indeed Donald Trump said those hopes and wishes to the youthful Chamisa, it must have been a bait: in as much as he baits with his sister to Mnangagwa.  At least Donald Trump used currency and not human sacrifice to use as bait: very civil of him.  

    Now let’s think and analyse for a moment about a bullet train from Bulawayo to Harare. Who is that bullet train intended for? Where is the industry that will make use of the bullet trains infrastructure? Our industries are in tatters. The  bullet trains are not  to kick-start dilapidated industries. Spaghetti highways were made by those first world countries especially UK, Germany has autobahns, all those countries have heavy industrialized economies; their industries need that infrastructure development to ease traffic congestion in central towns. If we do not have those industries in the first place, why speak about bullet trains: what for at this moment: To be white elephants? When the white people say an African is stupid; we cringe!! To a certain extent, it is very true, an African is hopelessly stupid. Africans have misplaced priorities that give a white man a big laugh.  

    There are so many basic things that Chamisa needs to grasp and perhaps learn outside government and power. Chamisa cannot be a leader to learn on the wheel. You do not need to speak to impress all the time. You do not need to act to impress all the time. Body language experts have already realized that Chamisa cannot even speak either English or IsiNdebele language in a full rally except in Shona only. Chamisa thinks everywhere he goes its Shona speakers only. Chamisa still thinks Zimbabwe is all about Mashonaland and chiShona as the universal language. I can imagine in that UK rally, there were British journalists who did not understand chiShona in that Saturday rally. There are voices in Bulawayo and Mathebeleland who are now saying after that White City rally: do not vote for this young man called Chamisa: uyadhelela lomuntu!!! 

    It is clear too that Chamisa had a misogynistic upbringing in his home, a culture that tells all that according to him, women are just second to men: women are dispensable even his sister too. According to Chamisa women are properties that can be used as baits in any comfortable conversation and given situations. They can be sent for sale if there is demand for it. Hence he can allow himself to bait with President Mnangagwa unprovoked; using his sister as a baiting object: He will give Mnangagwa his sister if Mnangagwa wins elections. But there is 50% chance that Mnangagwa can win 2018 elections, it is not given that Chamisa will win the coming general elections. Is he risking that much to give away his sister who has just come of age, 18 years old to a tired 75-year-old Dambudzo Mnangagwa, supposedly has 41 children if Jonathan Moyo’s twitter message is to go by? Is it normal for Chamisa to still bait for his sister to Mnangagwa even if he was joking, it is just a joke too much, socially, nationally and globally, that joke is tasteless and uncivilized?   

    Chamisa has a serious problem: he has compulsive behaviour issues. He talks without thinking most of the time. His repeated and ever repeated either liars or fascination on impossible things: the bullet trains, spaghetti roads this time it’s his healing powers through prayer, is a problem to all of us. He can give away a sister by a single baiting to the opponent. Can a future president of a country make such tasteless joke that easies about his sister?  

    It is in the public domain that President Mnangagwa is a tented person. Mnangagwa has blood in his hands. The 1980s genocide atrocities point their fingers at Mnangagwa and the entire cabal, the farm invasions, the Murambatsvina atrocities that left 750,000 people homeless, the violent elections of 2008 whereby many MDC-T members and supporters died brutally and cruelly from the hands of Mnangagwa and Zanu PF supporters. Several Zanu PF elite politicians have died mysteriously and all those mysterious killings point at Mnangagwa as the key figure in the killings.  

    Now is this the person Chamisa is risking his sister’s early life to a tired man who is supposed to be the grandfather of Chamisa’s sister? It’s not only tasteless, it’s not only stupid, and it’s downright uncouth and uncivilised and backward thinking. There is no normal person supposedly of generation 40 who can talk such nonsense: bullsh’t. We have come to realize that Chamisa has a very low opinion of women generally. None in his mega rallies is a woman visible, just men, those women in the MDC-T party who are powerful and intelligent and professional are considered a threat by the Fuehrer Chamisa, he purges them broad daylight without shame. Chamisa is unsure and unsafe if there were right-thinking women around him. Those are tendencies of a coming dictator. 

    Those men: intelligent and professionals: the likes of Welshman Ncube and Tendai Biti know what they want in this MDC-T Alliance. They know Nelson Chamisa’s serious shortcomings of Chamisa well but they decide to go along with it to get what they want at the end of the day: those parliamentary seats form their respective constituencies. This could be an underestimate from me; I do not see how professionals like them can go along with this Chamisa-noise, empty claims, bullet trains, spaghetti highways;  human bait, all without substance. 

    Chamisa in 2018 general elections is as dangerous as Robert Mugabe in 1980 general elections. People: mostly from Mashonalands were excited about the 1980 elections and Mugabe as leader of the Zanu PF. The rest is history. Mugabe has been likened a Messiah, a Jesus, and when he started killing the minority groups, the majority of the people of Mashonalands wanted Joshua Nkomo hanged because he was like a deadly cobra in the house. In the same way, you need to criticize Chamisa today; you will never cross the Harvest House in Harare. Those military gangsters will sort you out, lucky if you came out alive, just like Mangoma, just like Stevenson, just like Thokozani Khuphe,  name all of them you were brutally assaulted by MDC-T gangsters sent by either Tsvangirai then and this time round its Chamisa in charge of the military gangsters, purging all dissenting voices that critique Chamisa’s leadership, liars and exaggerations. They can even travel all the way from Harare to Bulawayo to accomplish their mission ordered by the Fuehrer Chamisa.  

    In the same way with Mugabe, when he came to power in 1980: Chamisa is the likened the Messiah of Zimbabwe. But Zimbabwe is not safe with Chamisa as the next President. We see similar patterns of developments that are disturbing: Chamisa will be worse than Mugabe in 37 years of absolute rule. There is no democracy to talk about in Chamisa and MDC-T. Chamisa will be a worse dictator than Robert Mugabe and Dambudzo Mnangagwa put together. Chamisa is going to bend rules and the constitution for the next 40 years to suit himself and nobody else: just like Morgan Richard Tsvangirai: Chamisa has two scripts in his disposal: Mugabe’s and Tsvangirai’s scripts and their hymn books. So far he is singing well, coping well. The young man is a bulldozer, does not give a dame, can say something and deny it in 24 hours and moves on without a single sorry: Sorry is not in his vocabulary. Women and all minority groups, please vote wisely. Chamisa is not the option.  

    There is nothing that Chamisa has said about development in Mathebeleland is going to happen. This man called Chamisa is fake; Chamisa cannot communicate in IsiNdebele but goes on to blame those who cannot speak IsiNdebele. He is a clown, upopayi: a leader who has fewer regards for the minority groups: evidently he does not take heed, people warned him about his continued speeches in ONLY Shona. He goes to the UK to speak to the people in SHONA.  What kind of a leader is that who cannot respect minority groups and women?  

    We now know that they come to harvest votes in Mathebeleland and we don’t see them for five years: and will come again in five years to harvest votes again from Mathebeleland! Haibo! Haibo! Can we please smell the coffee?  Chamisa is not the presidential material we want. Please vote wisely.

    I will keep this article and will remind you people of Mathebeleland in 5 years if there is some development done by MDC-T during their tenure in the coming government. I will not bait by giving Chamisa my son if I lost the bait, I have 100 Euros in the kitty to give Chamisa if he proved me wrong!!! To bait with 100 Euros is much civil and civilised than to bait with human beings as if there are objects, slaves of the middle ages. 



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