Mnangagwa scores landslide victory over Chamisa in Pre-2018 Presidential Poll

After all, Mnangagwa has been in charge for 7 days. He has promised elections in just a few months. This is an interim cabinet. The real cabinet will be seen after July / August polls.
President Mnangagwa arrives at the National Sports Stadium for his inauguration in November 2017

Harare – President Emmerson Mnangagwa scored a landslide victory in a pre-election poll rallying 70 percent of the vote according to a scientific poll conducted between the 10th and 19th of May 2018 by England and Nairobi based research organisation Pan African Forum.

The poll, conducted by PAF is the first scientific poll conducted on the upcoming elections set for July this year.

According to the poll, Zanu PF enjoys at least 69 percent of support from Zimbabweans, while its presidential candidate Emmerson Mnagagwa enjoys a whopping 70 percent of the support, indicating that opposition supporters support the current president.

The opposition’s Nelson Chamisa enjoys 24 percent of support although his party scored 26 percent in the poll.

Political Analyst Saprin Koti told Khuluma Afrika that Chamisa’s brutal power grab had cost him a lot of internal support within the MDC and that likely explains why the opposition leader scores lower than his party.

“The internal issues within the MDC, and especially the violent death bed power grab and abuse of opponents by the Vanguard has turned away many MDC supporters. While the President’s shift from the past has won over several democracts. When you look at it today, you are safer if you criticise Mnangagwa than Chamisa. Democrats and Liberals will be looking and saying ‘ED is quite the democrat'”

Other smaller parties perfomed miserably in the poll, including the Grace Mugabe backed NPF.

The poll asked the question, “if elections were held today who would you vote for”.

The poll results are constant with what several international media houses and political experts have predicted.

“For all Chamisa’s bluster, and his bullet trains, it is still advantage Mnangagwa in the race to lead the new Zimbabwe.” wrote Simon Allison the Africa Editor for Mail and Guardian Editor and a consultant for the Institute of Security Studies

A copy of the poll report released by PAF is available here –  Zimbabwe Presidential Polls Opinion Poll 2018