Why Ngarivhume will be the biggest loser in the forthcoming election?


    Tapiwa Vhurundiya
    Khuluma Reporter

    After mounting a decent campaign which saw him become one of the few visible leaders of the political new school, many believed Jacob Ngarivhume had a bright future.

    His humble campaign which reached out to the rural and high density electorate signaled a politician determined to build a lasting brand meant to sustain the long run.

    Even his poignant speeches gave him acclaim as man who had the most potential of all fringe party, as the proliferating political outfits have grown to be known.

    His political significance earned him a place in the big tent, the MDC Alliance as one of the principals.

    To the table he brought a mature campaign approach earning the applause of many who marveled at his understanding of the bigger picture concept, suspending his own ambitions for the betterment of the country.

    Putting his weight behind the promise shown by the man of many titles, Advocate Pastor Nelson Chamisa.

    Months after inking an agreement to collectively chase the elusive opposition victory in Zimbabwe, Ngarivhume sees himself relegated to being a mere spectator as the true colors of the MDC Alliance slowly show.

    The project has been reduced to an old boys reunion comprising of the late Morgan Tsvangirai’s ex foot soldiers in Tendai Biti, David Coltart, Welshman Ncube and presidential hopeful Nelson Chamisa.

    Through the operations of the MDC Alliance, Ngarivhume has no significant role.

    Even his participation in the impending election is not guaranteed.

    Despite an initial agreement which was supposed to see Ngarivhume contest in Bikita East as the MDC Alliance candidate has been flaunted as the MDC T fielded another candidate in the constituency.
    ZEC concluded the candidates’ list, these double allocations of constituencies will be impossible to reverse.

    The pragmatic option would have been for Ngarivhume to revert back to his Transform Zimbabwe identity if no resolve is made. A brand he had suspended for the benefit of the MDC Alliance.

    It may be a bitter pill to swallow but his experience is what happens to good men in Zimbabwean politics.

    Chamisa is the face of the idea as the candidate, Ncube is the voice, Biti is the brains while Coltart stands as the canvassing elder.

    Where does that leave Ngarivhume?

    With the dragging legal tussle for legitimacy between Nelson Chamisa and Thokozani Khupe, the MDC Alliance has turned into a surrogate political party.

    Whatever that beast is, it can no longer stand as a coalition.

    From a vantage point, Ngarivhume has been reduced to be a card carrying member of the MDC Alliance.

    Because he is a man and ego issues will not allow him to admit that he was sold a dummy, Ngarivhume will claim that he is still a vital cog in the MDC Alliance juggernaut.

    It appears many are not safe, even MDC Alliance spokesperson Professor Welshman Ncube is standing on shaky ground.

    Ncube’s interview on Star FM signaled trouble in paradise.

    This poses the question, what awaits Ngarivhume in the land of the unknown?

    If the MDC Alliance wins, will the other principles begin to give him the respect he deserves?

    Everyone seems to be positioning themselves including the acidic Morgen Komichi yet Ngarivhume remains comfortable far from the action.

    Will his supporters (if he still has any) forgive him to betraying his initial idea and ceding them to a party or collective whose intentions look opaque?

    He may have to rebuild his Transform Zimbabwe party from scratch again post-election

    Even if the MDC Alliance wins or loses, Ngarivhume looks like a man destined for a crashing end.

    The little clout he had, he ceded to the Alliance who in turn have chosen to belittle those who were not original members of the MDC in 1999.

    He will be remembered as Jacob Ngarivhume, a noble man who applied common sense in an environment where brotherhood meant more than political inclusiveness.

    A true victim of the Chinhu Chedu ideology.

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