Watchdog claims ballot paper gives unfair advantage

Legal and parliamentary watchdog, Veritas has criticised the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) for the manner in which the 2018 election ballot paper has been designed.

This comes after opposition complained that the design favoured President Emmerson Mnanganwa.

Veritas said the design of the ballot paper does not comply with the electoral act.

“One can say therefore, that by listing the candidates in 2 columns ZEC’s presidential ballot paper does not comply with the Electoral Act and the regulations.”

Veritas further stated that the two columned ballot paper gives the president an extra advantage.

“Instead, ZEC’s columns, one with 14 names and one with nine, are artfully designed to ensure that the president has advantage of heading the second column, there can be no legitimate reason for this.”

Nelson Chamisa also accused ZEC for favouring Zanu PF in the election and threatened to protest until ZEC responds to them.

ZEC Chairperson Priscilla Chigumba has said the issue is “water under the bridge.”