MDC Alliance commitment to change questioned

MDC Alliance President, Nelson Chamisa reportedly handpicked candidates for several constituencies, leading to clashes with voters
MDC Alliance President, Nelson Chamisa has threatened to stop elections if is demands are not met.

Harare – The MDC Alliance’s vision for change has been put into question through their choice to field ousted ex-ZANU PF candidates into parliament.

Harare South residents are livid with the coalition’s decision to forward tainted Shadrack Mashayamombe as their face in the forthcoming July 30 elections.

Mashayamombe who has been earmarked for arrest in connection to botched land deals entered the big tent under the National Patriotic Front faction linked to Robert Mugabe.

When career teacher from Southlea Park, Nathan Nyambuya heard of Mashayamombe’s intention to run for Parliament he decided to throw his name in the hat with one clear vision, to stop Mashayamombe’s reelection into parliament.

His campaign message is centred around the reminding electorate how Mashayamombe made a fortune from their housing woes in Harare South, as the salesperson for land barons who duped many of their hard earned thousands.

Harare South residents were also livid of the MDC Alliance’s decision to field Mashayamombe.

“This is forcing us to believe that the MDC Alliance is working in cohorts with Grace Mugabe because why would they engage with people who were key players in Mugabe’s ruinous reign like Mashayamombe. Why would they deliberately risk a seat by putting someone who is not loved here as a candidate, there is a pact we don’t know about,” Cosmas Mukuchwa of Hopley said.

Former ZANU PF member and independent candidate in Harare South Maxwell Munondo accused Mashayamombe of fronting for land barons in the area.

Addressing a small rally in Hopley, Munondo accused Mashayamombe of being unscrupulous during his tenure in office.

“It was Mashayamombe under the instigation of Grace Mugabe who brought CFI to Harare South. He was in cohorts with Phillip Chinyangwa who wanted to reap residents off with the blessing of Grace Mugabe. For him to retain a parliamentary seat it would be disaster for the area,” he said.

“Now he is selling out a swamp just after Mbudzi roundabout disguising it as stands. That can’t go on, we need to defend our homes by showing Mashayamombe the exit door,” Munondo said.

Munondo added; “Mashayamombe, a small boy turned a millionaire overnight, because he sold his soul.”

After his ouster through operation Restore Legacy together with his G40 counterparts, Shadrack Mashayamombe indicated that he will be focusing on farming, hinting on a life far from politics.

But the emergence of his paymasters, the Mugabe affiliated New Patriotic Front Mashayamombe made a u-turn.

Whether he will be able to forge a victory, is a question only July 31 can answer but the electorate may punish MDC Alliance for betraying them on the eleventh hour through fielding a man who scripted their misery.

A betrayal of the change narrative fronted by Nelson Chamisa in his campaigns.