Expelled member’s silence proof that Zanu does not rig: Mangwana

Joice Mujuru is a former Vice President who claims she never witnessed any kind of rigging

Harare – Zimbabwe heads to yet a watershed election scheduled for Monday July 30 amid unsubstantiated reports that the ruling Zanu PF wants to rig the polls.

Khuluma Afrika spoke to the Zanu PF legal affairs Secretary Paul Mangwana on the sidelines of the last Multi party Liaison committee meeting held at the Rainbow Towers in Harare on alleged rigging plots.

“This is shocking because not even one former senior party official has ever exposed how Zanu PF rigs the elections,” said Mangwana.

“If Zanu PF had been surely rigging elections then people like Jonathan Moyo, the so called think-tanks who are now in exile could have spilled the beans.

“We have the former Vice president Joyce Mujuru who is a presidential candidate. She was expelled from the party, but she cannot even expose how they (during her time) rigged elections as being claimed.”

“We have people like former State security minister Didymus Mutasa who by now could have spilled all the beans if there was any because he is a bitter man but up to now nothing has been exposed.”

Mangwana said Zanu PF has been winning elections because it has the capacity to mobilise:

“Zanu PF has moved from being a political party to an institution and that is why the President (Emmerson) Mnangagwa has always said once you are out of Zanu PF you are finished.”

“Why do you think he did not form his party when he was expelled by the G40 people? It is because he knew Zanu PF is not a political party but an institution which enjoys support and has far reaching influence such that even some members of opposition vote for it in the privacy of the voting booth.”

“We have heard people claiming that they will expose how rigging takes place and when they do so you wonder whether they are insane or not.”

Mangwana took a swipe to former Sunday Mail editor Edmund Kudzayi who posted a video claiming he is exposing how Zanu PF rigs elections.

In the video Kudzayi alleges that people will be given three ballot papers to vote for Mnangagwa, however, Mangwana said every ballot paper can be traced to the voter via serial numbers.

“If a forensic audit of the ballot papers is done every ballot can be traced to a single voter,” he said.