ZEC rejects MDC Alliance demands

Harare – The Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) has rejected a series of last minute demands by the MDC Alliance, but conceded to some concerns as police refused the party permission to demonstrate.

ZEC agreed to revert to the polling booth set-up of old, where people vote some distance away from the polling officer and no-one can see them.

ZEC had changed the booth set-up to address concerns that people maybe coerced to take pictures of a marked ballot and use those to confirm to party leaders who they would have voted for.

Both Zanu PF and MDC were against the ‘edited’ poll booth set-up.

The demands that were rejected by ZEC are premised on a mutating ballot.

The MDC Alliance has claimed that ink would move after the ballot has been cast.

ZEC dismissed this concern, and consequently other requests for parties to escort all ballots.

Police rejected the Alliance’s request to demonstrate, citing that the party had already held two demonstrations against the same issue, and that another rally had already been approved.

Below is the police statement.

Police reject MDC demo request