About Us

Founded in 2015, and launched in 2016, Khuluma Afrika is one of the most trusted reservoirs of digital news in Zimbabwe, South Africa, and Malawi. Initially founded as centre for original and untainted user generated political opinions and analysis, the platform morphed into an investigative unit meant to quench the thirst for deep investigative journalism.

In the 2 years it has operated Khuluma Afrika has become a primary informer for several news outlets, and a content partner for some of the regions leading digital and print news agencies

The list of news agencies who re-publish, utilise, or partner with Khuluma Afrika’s content includes Power 98.7fm South Africa, Newsday Zimbabwe, The Standard Newspaper, Nehanda Radio, Bulawayo 24, News 24, and Daily Maverick.

Why the name?

The name Khuluma means speak in Zulu, Ndebele, ChiChewa, and Xhosa. These are among the dominant languages in Southern Africa. In traditional African languages, the word Africa is spelt with a ‘K’. The decision to use an African name, and an African spelling was born out of the need to create an original platform, rooted in Africa, which provides cutting edge digital news in an African theme.

Our Aim

Khuluma Afrika is a centre for investigative journalism, political analysis, and social commentary. The platform reports largely and primarily on Zimbabwean matters in the realms of politics, governance, economics, policy, and current affairs.

Khuluma Afrika also provides cutting edge analysis, commentary, and editorial perspectives on socio-economic matters.

Our aim is to maintain a flow of accurate, unconventional, truthful and incisive information in Southern Africa. To break the barriers that conventional news outlets face with regards to dissemination of accurate information.

At Khuluma Afrika we promote constructive and sober journalism. The editorial does not hold any particular inclination towards any political parties, ideology, or movements. Our individual writers and contributors may have their own preferences, but they do not inspire the collective direction of the publication or its editorial policy.

Our Staff

Jacob Changamire (Prof ) – Editor in Chief – A digital expert, Jacob Changamire, popularly known as Prof Changamire is a contributing Editor on Khuluma Afrika. He is a digital security analyst and information systems designer. He has over 3 years experience as a journalist, and 5 years experience as a political commentator.

Maynard Manyowa – Editor-at-Large (Roving Editor)

An investigative journalist, Maynard is a roving Editor for Khuluma Afrika. Maynard first began writing in 2012, as a sports correspondent foo ThisIsFutbol. In 2014 he began writing for The Zimbabwe Mail, News 24, Newsday, and News 24.

Michael Mupotaringa – Design Manager and Social Media Editor–  Micheal is a qualified dentist, and a digital graphics expert. He first became a blogger in 2010, and runs his own blog (Mcpotar.com). Micheal’s work with Khuluma is largely in the social commentary fields.

Correspondents and Contributors

South Africa Based Correspondents

Bongani Robert Shumba
Mlondolozi Ndlovu
Saprin Koti

Southern Africa Correspondents

Gerald Kampamanzika (Malawi)
Tawanda Nyamayaro (Namibia)
Dr Benson Mudiwa (Swaziland)
Whitlaw Mugwiji (Zimbabwe)
Negracious Denning (Malawi)
Nophi Phumisa (Malawi)


Thembile Ndabeni (South Africa)
Shingirai Nyahwa (Zimbabwe)
Dimo Mariri (South Africa)
Mutsa Murenje (Zimbabwe)
Thandisizwe Mgudlwa (South Africa)

Abednico Siambombe (Zimbabwe)

For news items, opinion pieces or letters to the editor: [email protected]

You can contact any member of the team through this contact us page